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The U-S Supreme Court rules against a Louisiana law requiring admitting privileges at nearby hospitals for abortion doctors. Jeff Palermo has reaction from both sides of the issue…

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Louisiana tacks on another 845 cases of COVID-19 today, bringing the grand total to just over 57,000. 46% of those new cases are among those 29 and younger. Hospitalizations are the highest they’ve been in over a month, increasing by 22 to 737. Total deaths, 3,091, up by 5.

Health officials believe that recent demonstrations over the killing of George Floyd by police have not resulted in a significant addition of new COVID-19 cases. Assistant state health officer Dr. Joseph Kanter says enough time has passed to get a good idea of what has happened where protests were most prevalent.

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Kanter believes other layers of protection have likely factored into the protests to make them a bit safer.

A measure providing grocery store workers, bus drivers, law enforcement personnel, and healthcare workers with a 250-dollar check gains final legislative approval in the House and is heading to the Governor’s desk. Monroe Senator Jay Morris says federal coronavirus relief dollars will pay for the tax credit…

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Front line or essential workers will be eligible for this 250-dollar check if they make less than 50-thousand dollars a year.