LRN AM Newscall January 19

John Bel Edwards wants to give litter the boot. David Grubb has more on how he plans to clean up Louisiana…

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Among some of the bills, legislators have filed for the 2022 regular session is one pertaining to homeowners’ associations. Brooke Thorington has more.

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Another blast of cold winter weather is coming our way. Is there snow, sleet or freezing rain in our future? Kevin Gallagher has more…:

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Governor John Bel Edwards is calling on all Louisianans to help beautify the state. Tuesday the Governor announced the creation of his Task Force on Statewide Litter Abatement and Beautification but says it will take all of us to make a difference…

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Governor Edwards believes that preserving the state’s natural beauty and resources is vital to a thriving Louisiana…

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Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser, whose office will oversee the Task Force, sees litter as not just a quality of life issue, but an economic development one as well…

Cut 6 (14) “…our economy.”


We’ve all heard of or might have even experienced a situation in which a homeowners association enforces its rules with one resident and not another leaving the homeowner with few options. Mandeville Representative Paul Hollis is filing legislation setting limits on an HOA’s authority.

Cut 7 (11) “…very important.”

St. Tammany Parish, which is in Hollis’ district, has one of the highest per-capita rates of residents living within an HOA-managed community in the state. Hollis found himself in a situation with his HOA when he wanted to erect a privacy fence to protect his children from a neighbor’s webcam.

Hollis says he’s heard numerous stories from residents in his district that felt their legitimate concerns were ignored by an HOA and yet other less serious infractions were enforced. Hollis acknowledges the bill can’t remedy every situation with an HOA…

Cut 8 (11) “…constitutional rights.”

And while Hollis acknowledges not all HOAs covenants are bad some associations practice selective enforcement. Hollis says his bill would restrict an HOA from the overreach of taking away your right to protect your property and family.

Cut 9 (11)  “…particular family.”

Hollis says it’s also likely that he will file a companion bill that affords property owners the ability to opt out of existing HOAs.


Get ready for another blast of cold, wintery weather across Louisiana. State Climatologist Barry Keim says Wednesday starts fairly mild, with sunshine and temperatures reaching into the 60’s and lower 70’s, but then…:

Cut 10 (12) “…at least a possibility.”

Keim says a cold front moves through later this evening and overnight, bringing a chance of possible winter precipitation to the I-20 corridor in the late-night hours…:

Cut  11 (10)  “…pretty chilly day.”  

Keim says the approaching cold front is expected to stall offshore in the Gulf, setting up the chance of some potentially hazardous winter precipitation for Thursday night and into Friday morning…:

Cut 12 (10) “…up through Alexandria.”


The Biden Administration’s Website to order free at-home COVID tests is officially open at There’s been a huge demand for home tests with Omicron and they are extremely difficult to locate. LSU Health New Orleans Chair of Genetics Dr. Lucio Miele says better access to home tests is vital.

Cut 13 (08) “…limited worldwide.”

A PCR test is more accurate at detecting COVID, results take days because they are sent off to a lab.

Miele says you should only use a home test if you have symptoms and advises if you test negative to retest again in a few days because the rapid test has a high false-negative rate.

Cut 14 (07)  “…on these tests.”

The free tests sent via are initially limited to four tests per household but you can also be reimbursed by your health insurance provider now, up to eight at-home tests per month, per insured individual.

Miele says because there is a shortage across the globe for tests you should reserve home tests for when you need an answer and not test for the sake of testing.

Cut 15 (08)  “…is critical.”

To order the tests online you need to enter your name, address and email to receive tracking information. Tests will ship in seven to 12 days.


The 11th-ranked LSU Tigers will face Alabama on Wednesday night, trying to bounce back from a tough loss to Arkansas. While defense has been the team’s calling card so far this season, Will Wade is looking for his stagnant offense to execute a lot better against the Tide.

Cut  16 (20) “…over again.”

One player that has to get back on track is Tari Eason. The Tigers’ leading scorer this season hasn’t made his presence felt as of late. Wade says it’s time for that to change.

Cut 17 (22) “ …down there.” 

Wade says that the Tigers will have to utilize their depth to avoid the fatigue that has plagued them during late-game situations.

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LRN PM newscall January 18

The website to order your free at-home coronavirus tests, at COVIDtests-dot-gov is now live. Brooke Thorington has more from a physician on the reliability of a home test.

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The estranged husband of a Slidell woman who was dismembered and her body parts kept in a freezer is calling on the justice system to keep the accused killer behind bars on no bail. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Physicians advise if you are experiencing COVID symptoms to assume you have the virus and stay home. It might not be COVID but Dr. Lucio Miele, Chair of the Department of Genetics at LSU Health New Orleans says if you test negative with a home test, you’re not out of the woods just yet.

Cut 3 (12) “…bad idea.”

Because you are more likely to get a false negative with a home rapid test, it’s best to test again a few days later. Miele says the PCR test is more accurate, but it takes several days to receive results. He says having both speed and sensitivity is a difficult combination in a test.

Cut 4 (08) “…not possible.”

Miele says if you’ve been exposed you should wait five days to be tested. If you have a PCR test that’s negative in that time frame but still have symptoms you might want to be tested for other things like the flu. If you test negative with a rapid test, Miele says you need to test again days later.

Cut 5 (11) “…two-thirds of the time.”

The website for individuals to order free home tests is now live.  You are initially limited to four tests per household.


U-S Senate Democratic candidate Gary Chambers, who is one of two announced challengers to Republican John Kennedy released a campaign ad today that shows him smoking marijuana. Chambers says the goal of the ad is to destigmatize the drug and support legalization and decriminalization.

 Cut 6 (12) “…just like me” 

Luke Mixon is the other announced Democratic challenger to Kennedy, who is not in jeopardy of losing his Senate seat. Reporter Tyler Bridges is covering the Senate race for the Advocate newspaper and says it’s a bold move by Chambers to show him smoking marijuana in a campaign ad…

Cut 7 (07) “…the race.” 

Bridges has been covering political races in Louisiana for decades and admits a commercial showing a US Senate candidate smoking marijuana is unique…

Cut 8 (10) “…in Lousiana”  


The family of a Slidell mother believed to have been decapitated in New Orleans is demanding that the man suspected of killing her be held without bail. Julia Dardar’s dismembered body was found in a freezer and local artist Benjamin Beale has been charged in her death. Julia’s estranged husband Micah Dardar spoke on the steps of New Orleans City Hall…

Cut 9 (06) “…demonic”

Beale’s bond is currently at one point four million dollars. He’s facing numerous charges including second-degree murder and obstruction of justice. Micah Dardar says they are concerned that Beale’s parents have the ability to bond him out…

Cut 10 (12)  “….of this” 

Micah Dardar reported Julia missing on December 23rd. He says Julia Dardar suffered from addiction and mental health issues and he knew she was hanging around Beale, who is also known as Kelley Kirkpatrick…

Cut  11 (11)  “…too late.”


The National Weather Service says there’s the possibility of a wintry mix later this week. A strong cold front arrives tomorrow bringing the potential for strong storms late Wednesday in north Louisiana. Meteorologist Kevin Owens says behind the front is very cold air and once the temperature gets close to the freezing mark, freezing rain is possible…

Cut 12 (11) “…more information”  

The wintry mix is possible for north and central Louisiana Thursday morning and south Louisiana north of I-10 and I-12 Thursday night through Friday morning. Owens says tomorrow will start off as a mild day and then some of the coldest weather of the winter will arrive…

Cut 13 (11) “…the week.”

LRN PM Newscall January 17

A Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. exhibit entitled “Carrying on the Dream” is traveling through the University of Louisiana System Campuses. Brooke Thorington has more.

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The entire coastal town of Grand Isle finally has electricity again after Hurricane Ida caused massive damage to the barrier island’s infrastructure. Jeff Palermo has more…

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A Dr. Martin Luther King exhibit is traveling this month and next through the University of Louisiana system campuses. The “Carrying on the Dream” exhibit is on display today and tomorrow on the campus of Louisiana Tech in Ruston. La Tech spokesperson Tonya Oaks Smith says they are fortunate to host the display today.

Cut 3 (08) “…and moving.”

The exhibit also features regional civil rights artifacts, a Civil Rights art piece, and screenings of the documentary “I am MLK Jr.” Smith says if you aren’t able to make it to La Tech’s campus…

Cut 4 (10) “…to ULL.”

Smith says the traveling exhibit is appropriate for all ages.

Cut 5 (11) “…for all of us.”

Included in the traveling exhibit is the 1966 Cadillac hearse that carried King’s body to his funeral almost 54 years ago in Memphis that was procured by exhibit sponsor Raising Cain’s CEO Todd Graves in 2018.


Governor John Bel Edwards sent his message to Louisiana in honor of the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr’s national holiday this morning. The governor focused his words on continuing the fight for equality, specifically within our criminal justice system.

 Cut 6 (12) “…change happen” 

Edwards cited the recent posthumous pardon of Homer Plessy as an example of Louisianans working together to right a historic wrong.

Cut 7 (10) “…in Christ.” 

Though the governor sees some progress, he knows that the state still has much ground to cover in realizing Dr. King’s vision for a truly equal society.

Cut 8 (9) “…make change happen.” 


Power has finally been restored to the coastal town of Grand Isle four and half months after Hurricane Ida. Grand Isle Mayor David Camardelle says the electricity has arrived just in time for the cold weather and credits Entergy for its non-stop efforts…

Cut 9 (06) “…the island”

Camardelle says after Ida’s landfall state agencies and Entergy worked together to put most of the power infrastructure underground, which could have a huge impact when the next hurricane comes…

Cut 10 (10)  “ the marsh

Camardelle says the progress is slow getting Grand Isle back to where it was, but it is steady. He says there’s a lot of clean-up to do and the key to moving recovery along is getting their residents back on the island…

Cut  11 (09)  “…their life.”


Lafayette Police say a fatal hit-and-run crash Sunday night led to another traffic crash when a woman drove through a police barricade where officers were investigating the hit and run. Lafayette Police Sergeant Robin Green says the woman was driving erratically…:

Cut 12 (09) “…nick of time.”  

The woman has been identified as 29-year-old Dominique Mills of Scott. She’s been charged with second-offense Operating While Intoxicated. Green says one officer received minor injuries.

As for the original hit and run in the 2600 block of Ambassador Caffery, the pedestrian victim is identified as 57-year old pedestrian Donald Jackson of Scott. Green says no arrests have been made.

Cut 13 (09) “…been made.”

Green reminds motorists to be extra careful when driving at night and to pay better attention when on the road.

Cut 14 (10)  “…when driving.” 

LRN AM Newscall January 17

Patients are complaining the cost of legal medical cannabis puts it’s out of their reach. Is it time to further expand medical marijuana laws? Kevin Gallagher reports…:

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A study finds that hurricanes in 2020 and 2021 caused 579-million dollars in damages to the Louisiana fishing industry. Michelle Southern has the story…

Cut 2 (32) “…I’m Michelle Southern” 


A new study from LSU and the University of Florida compared shark attacks and moon phases and they found a trend. Brooke Thorington explains.

Cut 3 (29) “…I’m Brooke Thorington.” 


Now that medical marijuana is available in a smokable form, some are complaining of the high price. One of the state’s 9 cannabis pharmacies is asking between $440 and $480 per ounce for the herb. Gretna Representative Joe Marino chairs the state’s Medical Marijuana Commission, and says the high price is due to the limited supply from only two growing operations…:

Cut 4 (11) “…to be the intent.” 

When first approved in 2015, only two cultivators were allowed, with a maximum of 10 “pharmacies”. There are currently nine. Marino says lawmakers clearly did not foresee expanding to allow smokable weed under medical cannabis when they first passed the law. Demand is heavy, but the high cost is a deterrent. Marino says having a cannabis monopoly in place puts the medicine out of the average person’s reach…:

Cut 5 (13) “…where it can be sold?”

Medical cannabis is rarely covered by health insurance.

Neighbor states with medical cannabis have anywhere from 8 to a dozen cultivators allowed, compared to Louisiana’s two, and their average prices are lower. Marino’s Medical Marijuana Commission will meet during the upcoming Redistricting Session, to discuss supply, demand, and patient concerns. He asks – if one regards medical cannabis as “medicine” – what other medicine does the state limit the number of companies that can produce it and where it can be obtained?

Cut 6 (07) “…expand this program.”


The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says the hurricanes in 2020 and 2021 produced 579-million dollars in damages to the state’s fishing industry. LDWF biologist administrator Jason Froeba says a comprehensive study looked at monetary losses for infrastructure which includes vessels and revenue…

Cut 7 (07) “…that nature.”

The total amount of damages from the hurricanes to infrastructure was 304-million. Froeba says Hurricane Ida accounted for 70-percent of that 304-million…

Cut 8 (10) “…fishing industry members.”

Froeba says wind was the primary driver for the damages to the fishing industry from the 2020 and 2021 hurricanes, while flooding was a major source of destruction in 2005. He says this report could convince Congress that the state’s fishing industry needs federal assistance…

Cut 9 (09)  “…Louisiana’s fisheries.”


Louisiana is expected to pass the one-million mark in total COVID cases this week. Many are hoping the peak of the Omicron surge is near. Children younger than 18 represent 27-percent of all COVID cases reported on Friday and State Health Officer Doctor Joe Kanter says that’s a possible sign the peak could be near

Cut 10 (11) “…prior surges.”

Kanter says based on what they’ve seen in other parts of the world, Omicron rages and then fades away almost as fast as it arrived…

Cut  11 (12)  “…right now.”  

Kanter wishes he can provide an answer on when the Omicron peak will arrive, but there’s no good modeling to predict this…

Cut 12 (10) “…I’ve seen.”


The next time you want to impress your friends during Shark Week you can tell them that shark attacks are related to lunar phases. New research from LSU and the University of Florida compared attacks with the lunar phases and LSU Associate Professor Steve Midway says there appears to be a connection.

Cut 13 (10) “…closer to the new moon.”

Midway says even though very few shark attacks occur in US waters they wanted to gain a better understanding of why and when they happen. Midway says the moon’s influence on attacks is not from illumination because the vast majority of incidents take place during the day.

Cut 14 (08)  “…magnetic fields.”

And while it’s still too early to determine if the moon is the predominant influencer of shark attacks, Midway says he still advises against swimming in shark-infested waters no matter what lunar phase.

Cut 15 (12)  “…to shark attacks.”

You can read the entire paper in the journal, Frontiers in Marine Science


The NFL playoffs continue tonight with one more wild card game as the Rams host the Cardinals. Former LSU Tiger Odell Beckham Junior will be playing in his second playoff game and his first season since the 2016 season with the Giants…

Cut  16 (16) “…good feeling”

The Bengals won their first playoff game in 31 years as Cincinnati held off the Raiders 26-19. Quarterback Joe Burrow threw two touchdown passes in the win…

Cut 17 (13) “ .next one” 


The LSU men’s basketball team will likely drop in the polls today after suffering an upset loss to unranked Arkansas on Saturday. The Razorbacks went on a 17-2 run to finish the game and defeated the 12th ranked Tigers 65-58. LSU Coach Will Wade says the Hogs made the plays down the stretch and they didn’t…

Cut 18 (08) “ ..needed to be” 

Eric Gaines had 14 points to lead LSU, while Tari Eason and Alex Fudge each had 13 points. It was the second straight game LSU played without starting point guard Xavier Pinson, who has a sprained knee. Wade will not use Pinson’s injury as an excuse…

Cut 19 (25)_“…nice job” 

The loss ended LSU’s three-game winning streak. Wade says they couldn’t overcome their weaknesses.

Cut 20 (19) “ deserve”  

LRN PM Newscall January 14

A major cold front will enter the state Saturday bringing rain, wind, and near-freezing temps. Brooke Thorington has more.

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The state announces it will receive a billion dollars over the next five years from the federal government to rebuild bridges. Jeff Palermo has the story…

Cut 2 (31)…I’m Jeff Palermo”  


Fans of Betty White are giving the beloved actress a true Mardi Gras send-off on what would have been the day before her 100th birthday Sunday. Retired New Orleans realtor, Santa T Claus says it began as a passing thought the day after her death and has now grown into a full-blown parade and fundraiser.

Cut 3 (04) “…think now.”

White’s birthday would have been on Monday but due to the Martin Luther King holiday, the parade was moved to Sunday. Claus says because the first lady of television loved animals’ attendees are more than welcome to bring their well-behaved four-legged friends. The parade begins at 4 o’clock at the corner of Bourbon and Canal.

Cut 4 (10) “…Jackson Square(x2).”

Claus says attendees are also encouraged to bring a pet toy to donate and they are also raising money for the Villalobos Rescue Center in memory of the actress.

Cut 5 (09) “…to California.”

It’s not the first time a Mardi Gras parade has memorialized an out-of-town celebrity, in 2017 actress Carrie Fisher was honored, and in 2016 both David Bowie and Prince received memorial parades.

For more information visit FaceBook forward-slash Santa Claus New Orleans


The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries reports thousands of fish – and over one hundred birds, snakes and other animals – died as a result of a pipeline spill in St. Bernard Parish. LDWF Oil Response Coordinator Laura Carver says 75 alligators have also been captured for rehabilitation…

 Cut 6 (06) “…for rehab” 

The spill from a severely corroded & ruptured pipeline was discovered in late December. Most of the diesel fuel spilled into two artificial ponds. Cleanup work continues. Carver says the spill killed 25-hundred fish…

Cut 7 (05) “…shad.” 

Dozens of snakes and birds were also killed.

Carver says in addition to rehabbing alligators, they are also rehabbing birds, snakes and turtles…

Cut 8 (07) “…rehabilitation center.” 

Carter says at least cleanup work is moving quickly since the spill was contained to a small area. Collins Pipeline Company operates the pipeline and federal records reportedly show the operator delayed needed repairs on the pipeline.


Get your winter coat ready because it’s going to be a chilly weekend as a cold front enters the state Saturday. According to State Climatologist, Barry Keim areas north of I-20 could experience a wintery mix of precipitation tomorrow.

Cut 9 (13) “…Floriday parishes”

Keim says Saturday will be a big transitional day with rain and possibly a wintery mix in the northern parishes.

Cut 10 (08)  “…most of the state.”

Keim says the wind chill will make it feel even colder on Sunday and you’ll need that extra blanket for a few more nights because it will be even colder on Monday

Cut  11 (10)  “…behind that.”

Keim says it shouldn’t be a deep enough freeze to wrap your pipes but definitely bring in the pets and plants.


The governor’s office announces Louisiana is receiving a billion dollars to repair crumbling bridges The money comes from the recently approved Infrastructure Law. DOTD Secretary Shawn Wilson says the federal government allocated the dollars based on need and Louisiana is getting a big slice of the pie…

Cut 12 (08) “…our condition.”  

The state owns 78-hundred bridges with nearly 800 of them needing to be replaced or in need of major repair. About another 800 locally owned bridges are also in desperate need of rehab or replacement.

Wilson says the state will spend about 200-million of the one billion this year and they’ve released a list of bridge projects that will see funding this year…

Cut 13 (11) “…this year”

Among the projects that will see funding…The Jimmie Davis Bridge Replacement in Caddo Parish, I-20 Orange Street Overpass Repair in Ouachita Parish, and Berwick Bay Bridge Rehabilitation in St. Mary Parish.

Wilson says Louisiana will receive the one-billion dollars over the next five years. He says more planning is needed to use any of it on a new Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge, but for Lake Charles…

Cut 14 (12)  “…one project” 


The State Fire Marshal’s office says a Lacombe man died after going back into a burning home to rescue his pets. Spokesperson Ashley Rodrigue says the home caught fire early Tuesday morning. Two people in their 60’s made it safely outside, but the man went back inside to save the family dogs…:

Cut 15 (07) “…died a day later.” 

The 60-year-old man’s name is withheld for now. He died in the hospital a day after the fire. Firefighters say the damage was too bad to determine if the home had working smoke detectors. Rodrigue has this advice for everyone who finds themselves escaping a burning building..:

Cut  16 (12) “…if we lose that.”

LRN AM Newscall January 14

The U.S. Supreme Court blocks the Biden White House mandate ordering COVID shots for employees of private companies. Kevin Gallagher gets some reaction…:

Cut 1 (32) “…I’m Kevin Gallagher.”


Governor Edwards warns of a dangerous trend to intentional contract COVID. Brooke Thorington has more

Cut 2 (33) “…I’m Brooke Thorington.” 


A new report shows the number of smokers in Louisiana at an all-time low. More on that from Kevin Gallagher…:

Cut 3 (33) “…I’m Kevin Gallagher.” 


President Biden announced the administration is purchasing another 500-million home COVID tests in addition to the 500-million already ordered to assist with COVID testing.  Louisiana Senator and physician, Bill Cassidy says while he agrees with testing, the effort comes too late amid the Omicron surge.

Cut 4 (08) “…didn’t prioritize it.” 

The White House also plans to distribute high-quality masks at no cost and next week a website will be launched so Americans can order the free home COVID tests. It’s not clear when those free tests will be available, but Cassidy says home tests should be readily available now.

Cut 5 (08) “…tests now.”

Cassidy shared with reporters that his own wife told him she’s also unable to locate a home test.

Cut 6 (10) “…herself.”

To locate the nearest testing site call 2-1-1.


Upon hearing of a trend to intentionally catch COVID so individuals can put the virus behind them, Governor Edwards alerted the public not to and says for some the Omicron variant has severe consequences.

Cut 7 (10) “…can’t do that.”

Edwards says the danger of exposing yourself on purpose to COVID increases the chances of overwhelming the healthcare delivery system. He says even the cases that are referred to as mild will make you feel sick.

Cut 8 (10) “…long time.”

Because the Omicron variant is the most highly transmissible form of COVID to date Edwards says if individuals deliberately infect themselves the outcome affects more than just that one person.

Cut 9 (12)  “…if that happens.”

As for a statewide mask mandate, Edwards says that would be dictated by COVID hospitalizations.


New data shows the number of Louisianans who smoke cigarettes is at an all-time low. A report from the Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living says the percentage of adults who smoke is down to just over 18-percent; down from about 22-percent in 2019. TFL director Dr. Earl Benjamin Robinson says the crunching of data continues, but the numbers are welcome news…:

Cut 10 (07) “…contextualize that drop.”

The numbers come from TFL’s 2020 Behavioral Risk study. Demographically, the biggest group to quit smoking were adults without a high school diploma; a drop of over 6-percent. People in lower income households also quit at a high rate; indicating that additional tobacco taxes are having a chilling effect on the unhealthy habit. Dr. Robinson says the report is an indicator that TFLs efforts are paying off…:

Cut  11 (12)  “…second-hand smoke can do.”  

Robinson says Shreveport recently became the 30th municipality in the state to enact a citywide smoking ban in all public buildings, bars, and casinos. He says the report is encouraging and inspires optimism…:

Cut 12 (11) “…individuals are protected.”

Robinson hopes to see an even lower number in the next study. For help kicking the tobacco habit, visit “”.


The U.S. Supreme Court has blocked the White House COVID vaccine mandate for private businesses. The Biden Administration sought to use the federal Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) to enforce shots for all companies with 100 or more workers. Six conservative justices voted for the block, while 3 liberal justices voted against. Loyola University law professor Dan Ciolino says he doesn’t see it as a purely partisan decision…:

Cut 13 (13) “…a democratic president.”

One person happy to hear the Supreme Court decision is businessman Brandon Trosclair, who owns supermarkets in Louisiana & Mississippi; employing about 500 people. He was among the first business owners to legally challenge the Biden/OSHA mandate. He says the High Court got this one right…:

Cut 14 (09)  “…just super-relieved.”

Trosclair says he is not against the idea of getting the vaccine but doesn’t need the government to intrude between him and his staff. Trosclair says whether his workers get the shot or not is their business, not his or anyone else’s…:

Cut 15 (06)  “…the vaccine itself.”

But the court ruled to uphold another mandate – the one demanding the shots for employees of health care providers who accept Medicare or Medicaid – by a 5-4 vote. Professor Ciolino feels the justices got this one right as well…:

Cut  16 (15) “…surely does have that.”


Former LSU quarterback Joe Burrow makes his NFL playoff debut on Saturday when the Bengals host the Raiders to kick off the NFL’s Wildcard weekend. Burrow led Cincinnati to its first AFC North Championship since 2015 and is getting a lot of credit for Cincy’s turnaround. But Burrow says he’s playing with the best group of receivers in the NFL…

Cut 17 (21) “ .in the league” 

Former LSU wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase set an NFL record with most receiving yards for a rookie. Chase said after he was drafted that he would break records and says he meant it…

Cut 18 (11) “ ..playoff records” 

1991 was the last time the Bengals won a playoff game, but Burrow is not bothered by it…

Cut 19 (19)_“…try to do” 

LRN PM Newscall January 13

A study by personal finance website WalletHub ranks our state among the worst in which to raise a family. Jeff Palermo has that…:

Cut 1 (30) “…I’m Jeff Palermo.”


The Omicron variant has yet to peak in Louisiana and Governor Edwards says COVID is having a greater impact on children now. Brooke Thorington has more.

Cut 2 (32)…I’m Brooke Thorington.”  


A new report from the personal finance website “WalletHub” ranks Louisiana among the worst states in which to raise a family. WalletHub data analyst Jill Gonzales says factors like health & safety, education, costs of child care, poverty, child mortality & more were considered…:

Cut 3 (07) “…raising a family.”

The WalletHub study compared all 50 states across 51 key socio-economic indicators of family-friendliness. Gonzales says Louisiana’s performance in these area are why it ranks Third Worst as a place to raise a family…:

Cut 4 (12) “…to zone in on.”

Gonzales says families should view the report if they are considering moving their family to the Bayou State for a job opportunity…:

Cut 5 (15) “…be a little bit better.”

To see the report, go to “”


The state health department reports 2,081 COVID hospitalizations today; an increase of 82 from Wednesday. Governor John Bel Edwards says hospitalizations among children from the Omicron variant are also on the rise and he wantsd to dispel any rumors that COVID is not impacting children.

 Cut 6 (11) “…than Delta surge.” 

Edwards says some of those children admitted are between the ages of zero to four, which are not eligible to be vaccinated.

The state is also tracking COVID re-infections, Edwards says those cases are available on the Department of Health’s COVID Dashboard. LDH is also in the process of analyzing those cases and will soon share the percentage of reinfections among the unvaccinated.

Cut 7 (10) “…start of the pandemic.” 

According to the CDC, 60-percent of reinfections from September to December in the US are among the unvaccinated.

Edwards continues to remind the public of the importance of being fully vaccinated and boosted with the Omicron variant. He says statistics show that being inoculated is in your favor.

Cut 8 (11) “…to die.” 

Edwards also encouraged indoor masking to decrease COVID transmission in a concerted effort not to overwhelm the health care delivery system. When asked about reinstating the mask mandate Edwards says the topic will be discussed with hospital leaders next week at their weekly meetings.


Central Louisiana authorities have arrested two people in connection with the kidnapping and murder of 27-year-old Deven Brooks. Ball Police Cheif Marshall Deen says Brooks was taken from his home earlier this week in Ball and his body was discovered two days later along the Red River…

Cut 9 (09) “…kidnapping”

Two people arrested for Brooks’ death are Terrance Lavalais and Jamaria Randle. Both are 21-years-old and from Alexandria. Deen says they believe Brooks knew one of the suspects, but they are not sure of an exact motive…

Cut 10 (12)  “…the murder”

Brooks’ body was found on Tuesday. Officers say he was shot in the head. Deen credits good collaboration with the Alexandria Police Department in making an arrest so quickly…

Cut  11 (12)  “…theres.”

Lavalais and Randle are both charged with second-degree murder and aggravated kidnapping. Bond has been set at 400-thousand dollars for each.


A Lake Charles man and woman are arrested after detectives discovered one-million dollars’ worth of illegal narcotics in their possession. Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso says the combined anti-drug task force arrested 43-year-old Caleb Barfield and 30-year-old Kimberly Breaux last week.

Cut 12 (11) “…that also.”  

Among the drugs seized were 170 grams of the synthetic opioid fentanyl, Lake Charles Police Chief Shawn Caldwell explains what a lethal dose of fentanyl is.

Cut 13 (10) “…rice worth of fentanyl.”

With the seizure of such a large amount of illegal drugs, both Mancuso and Caldwell credit the task force with saving numerous lives. Caldwell says the number of drug overdose deaths has doubled in the parish.

Cut 14 (11)  “…are OD-ing.” 

The two face a plethora of drug charges including intent to sell, possession of illegal firearms, and in the presence of a juvenile. Barfield’s bond was set at $803-thousand and Breaux’s at $59 thousand. She was released on bond Friday.


The U.S. Supreme Court has blocked President Biden’s vaccine mandate on private businesses. The mandate would have required employees with over 100 workers to mandate the COVID vaccine or weekly testing. Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy says today’s ruling rejects federal government overreach…

Cut 15 (06) “…this decision.” 

Cassidy he advises people to get the COVID vaccine, but….

Cut  16 (05) “..Supreme Court agrees”

LRN AM Newscall January 12

Governor Edwards’ office announces help for homeowners set behind on mortgage payments because of the pandemic. Kevin Gallagher has that…:

Cut 1 (33) “…I’m Kevin Gallagher.”


Louisiana has a combined $1.5 billion budget surplus from the last and current fiscal year with a $771 million increase in the next year’s projected revenue. Erik Piccoli has the story…

Cut 2 (30) “…I’m Erik Piccoli.” 


It’s time to put on your dancing shoes and show off your best moves and help Louisiana Public Broadcasting Save Mardi Gras. Brooke Thorington explains.

Cut 3 (33) “…I’m Brooke Thorington.” 


The Governor’s Office announces a federally funded program to help homeowners who were set behind on their mortgage due to the pandemic. Louisiana Office of Community Development spokesperson Gina Campo says the state has received nearly $147-million to give out…:

Cut 4 (11) “…housing instability.” 

The Louisiana Homeowner Assistance Fund is bankrolled by the $10-Billion American Rescue Plan Act, of which Louisiana gets $147-million. Homeowners whose ability to pay their mortgage were hobbled by the COVID pandemic and lockdown must meet certain financial criteria to qualify for up to $25-thousand in mortgage assistance…:

Cut 5 (07) “…servicer or lender.”

Campo says about 3000 people have already applied, and applications will be processed with all due haste. She says one can easily get started online…:

Cut 6 (14) “…go ahead and sign up!”



The Revenue Estimating Conference has officially recognized Louisiana has an additional $840 million dollars in revenues for the current year budget and an additional $765 million in the next year’s budget. Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne described the state’s fiscal situation as stable and bright…

Cut 7 (13) “…surrounding the pandemic.”

Now that the REC has recognized an official forecast for next year, Dardenne can begin to craft a proposed budget to present to lawmakers ahead of the regular legislative session. He says having an extra 765-million dollars to spend will allow the state to fund major priorities…

Cut 8 (11) “…passed last year” 

The state will also have another 450-million dollar in surplus money to spend from the last fiscal year. Legislative leaders are expected to propose the money goes towards infrastructure projects and Dardenne says the governor has his own priorities…

Cut 9 (06)  “…campuses primarily”


The most recent survey of small business owners indicates that 22-percent of mom and pop shops say inflation is the biggest issue they are facing, and the influx in prices has reached levels not seen since the early 80s. State NFIB Director Dawn McVea says inflation is increasing the cost of doing business.

Cut 10 (09) “…to the consumers.”

McVea says continued COVID woes and inflation are unfortunately causing more than 20-percent of small businesses are having to pass those costs along to consumers.

Cut  11 (10)  “…inflation impact.”  

The continued labor shortage is an issue for about half of small businesses. McVea says to combat the problem approximately 32-percent of mom and pop businesses say they will continue to raise wages to attract workers.

Cut 12 (07) “…top concerns.”

On a positive note, McVea says owners expecting better business conditions over the next six months, increased slightly by three points to a net negative 35-percent.


Louisiana Public Broadcasting is on a mission to “Save Mardi Gras 2022.” The launch of LPB’s social media campaign is encouraging folks to get vaccinated in an effort to save carnival season. LPB Executive Producer Linda Midgett says all you have to do is watch their video, record yourself dancing and upload it to social media.

Cut 13 (11) “…do the dance.”

In addition to learning a fun dance, Midgett says LPB will most likely choose some of the best submissions, make a complication and air them. They’ll also be featured on their social media pages.

Cut 14 (08)  “…fun video.”

And it’s not just Mardi Gras LPB is trying to save by increasing vaccination rates. After the pandemic forced a majority of events and festivals to be canceled, Midgett says Louisianans are eager to celebrate together again.

Cut 15 (10)  “…around us.”

For more information visit


Former LSU running back Kevin Faulk got teary-eyed talking about his election to the College Football Hall of Fame when he met with reporters in Baton Rouge. Faulk admits being inducted into the Hall of Fame means so much more after the death of his youngest daughter in September and then losing his job as running backs coach in December…

Cut  16 (12) “…like I said”

Faulk remains LSU’s all-time leading rusher and he still holds the record for All-purpose yards. After his standout career at LSU, Faulk went on to win three Super Bowls for the New England Patriots. Faulk says for a kid out of Carencro to accomplish all of that is amazing…

Cut 17 (22) “ …right direction”

Faulk served on the LSU coaching staff from 2018 to 2021. He annually hosts a free youth football camp and he’s founded the Kevin Faulk Foundation to support youth. He says after a difficult few months, he plans to spend more time with his family….

Cut 18 (14) “ ..for them” 


The 12th ranked LSU men’s basketball team will try to win a game on the road at Florida tonight without senior point guard Xavier Pinson, who has an injured knee. That means sophomore guard Eric Gaines will have to step up and Coach Will Wade says he’s also counting on freshman Justice Williams…

Cut 19 (19)_“…in him” 

The six-foot-four Williams has only played in three games this season because of a foot injury. In LSU’s only other true road game, the Tigers suffered a 15-point loss at Auburn. They turned it over 17 times and Wade says they can’t do that again…

Cut 20 (18) “..extremely hard”  

LRN PM Newscall January 10

The Saints are cleaning out their lockers today as New Orleans failed to make the playoffs for the first time since the 2016 season. Jeff Palermo has the story…

Cut 1 (31) “…I’m Jeff Palermo”


The Sabine Parish community of Peason is recovering after an EF-2 tornado hit Sunday morning. More from Kevin Gallagher…:

Cut 2 (30)…I’m Kevin Gallagher.”  


New CDC guidance for those who received their two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, you are now encouraged to be boosted at five months out from your last dose, instead of six months. State Health Officer Dr. Joe Kanter says boosters are vital with the highly contagious Omicron variant.

Cut 3 (10) “…with Omicron.”

The CDC also recommends that everyone ages 12 and up should be boosted. Kanter the CDC added boosters to the younger age group for two reasons.

Cut 4 (09) “…Omiocron variant.”

Kanter says the CDC is also now highly recommending a third dose of the vaccine for those ages five to eleven if they are moderately or severely immunosuppressed.

Cut 5 (11) “…of vaccine.”

As with any vaccine Kanter recommends that you speak with your personal physician.


For the first time since the 2016 season, the Saints are not playoff-bound. New Orleans beat Atlanta Sunday, but the 49ers come from behind win over the Rams keeps the Black and Gold out of the postseason, despite a winning record. Coach Sean Payton says it’s a disappointing end to a difficult season…

 Cut 6 (07) “…all season” 

After the Saints defeated the Falcons 30-20, they raced into the locker room to watch the conclusion of the Rams-49ers game, only to see San Francisco win in overtime. Safety Malcolm Jenkins says it was tough to watch…

Cut 7 (12) “…somebody else’s hands.” 

It was a trying season as the Saints spent the first month of the regular season re-located because of Hurricane Ida, suffered numerous injuries to key players, an NFL record 58 different starters, and used four quarterbacks. Saints defensive end Cam Jordan says it would have been an amazing story if they got into the playoffs…

Cut 8 (09) “…be with the family.” 

The Saints end the year with a 9-8 record.


The Sabine Parish community of Peason is recovering after being hit early Sunday by a tornado. Sabine Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Brad Walker says the twister hit just before 5 a.m., when most people were still asleep in their beds…:

Cut 9 (11) “…registered as an EF-2.”

Walker says about 15 homes – some mobile homes and some houses – were severely damaged or even destroyed. A number of barns and other structures also took damage. He says, despite that, no one killed…:

Cut 10 (12)  “…to be expected.”

Peason is located on state highway 118, southeast of Many. Walker says cleanup is underway and rebuilding will begin once the power has been restored…:

Cut  11 (10)  “…may be a little longer.” 

Walker says the community came together to help one another after the disaster. Six people were hurt; a couple of them seriously injured … but Walker is grateful there were no fatalities.


Lafayette Police say a Mardi Gras float reported stolen Saturday has been found. LPD spokesperson Sgt. Robin Green says the 40-foot long double-deck float was taken sometime Friday night from a Lucille Avenue address. She says even though the float has been found, they still want the person who took it…:

Cut 12 (11) “…please contact us.”  

The float was mostly decorated for parades and even bore signs from sponsors. It was located abandoned in a remote part of St. Martin Parish. She says the float had some moderate damage to the decorations and structure, and she feels for the owner…:

Cut 13 (07) “…up and running. “

Green says, despite finding the float, Lafayette Police still want to apprehend the person who stole it. She asks persons with information to call Lafayette P.D. of Lafayette Crimestoppers at 318-232-TIPS. She says someone HAS to know something…:

Cut 14 (07)  “…have been something.” 

LRN AM Newscall January 10

Nearly 900 soldiers and airmen with the Louisiana National Guard are mobilized throughout the state in support of various Covid missions. Michelle Southern reports their work continues in 2022…

Cut 1 (30) “Michelle Southern reporting.”


Real Reform of Louisiana is calling out the insurance commissioner and those who said auto insurance rates would drop after the passage of tort reform in 2020. Brooke Thorington has more.

Cut 2 (34) “…I’m Brooke Thorington.” 


Louisiana’s public colleges make big changes to help assure students are not made victims of sexual misconduct. More from Kevin Gallagher…:

Cut 3 (38) “…I’m Kevin Gallagher.” 


The Louisiana National Guard is continuing to support Covid missions around the state in 2022, at the direction of Governor John Bel Edwards. Cindy Haygood is the Task Force Covid commander with LANG. She says the Omicron surge has led to a huge increase in test site demand throughout the state…:

Cut 4 (11) “out there” 

886 service members are currently supporting various Covid missions in Louisiana including providing food bank and warehouse support. Haygood says they are working at 28 vaccine sites and administering Covid tests at 31 sites…:

Cut 5 (11) “regions”

Haygood says guardsmen have administered more than 542,000 Covid tests, 206,300 vaccines since the start of the pandemic — and distributed over 42 million pounds of food. She says between the pandemic and hurricanes, many of these soldiers have been activated full-time for nearly 22 months…:

Cut 6 (09) “of this community”


According to ValuePenguin’s State of Auto Insurance in 2022, Louisiana will see car insurance rate increase faster than the national average. Eric Holl with Real Reform Louisiana says despite a promise that tort reform measures passed in the 2020 legislative session would decrease rates, so far, they haven’t.

Cut 7 (12) “…in the country.”

When asked about the ValuePenguin’s report Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon says he’s not familiar with them.

Cut 8 (12) “…they could know.” 

ValuePenguin is a personal finance website that researches insurance and other financial topics.

When the tort reform was debated in the 2020 session, Holl says there were claims passage would bring about a major reduction in auto insurance rates within a year.

Cut 9 (12)  “…would notice.”

Donelon counters that the bill contained no mandates for in a reduction of auto insurance premium costs.

Cut 10 (11) “…49 states.”

Donelon says the tort reforms measures passed were an effort to address the highest in America claims to litigation ratio that the state suffers from. Holl says policyholders now actually have fewer rights as a result of tort reform if they’re in a battle with their auto insurance carrier.


Louisiana colleges and universities are making sweeping changes to their sexual misconduct policies after new state laws were passed last year. Higher Education Commissioner Kim Hunter Reed says one big change is that virtually ALL staff and faculty are now mandatory reporters, should they be aware of sexual harassment or assault…:

Cut  11 (06)  “…grounds for termination.”  

The 2021 legislature took action last year when LSU was found to have failed in addressing widespread sexual abuse complaints. Dr. Reed says since that time, there has been extensive training of employees on hearting such complaints and acting accordingly. She says 188 confidential advisors are now in place at Louisiana schools, to hear the complaints and report them up the line for appropriate action…:

Cut 12 (08) “…keep students safe.”

The new laws require agreements between campus officials and law enforcement to assure sexual abuse complaints are properly investigated. It also requires staff and faculty undergo training in properly handling such complaints. Dr. Reed says administrators will also be held responsible if complaints are ignored and “swept under the rug”…:

Cut 13 (10) “…can say “we did not know’”

Reed says the overall effect will be a safer and more secure environment in which to get an education.


State Health Officer says it’s so important to wear face coverings to reduce transmission and because of the highly transmissible Omicron variant, you might want to rethink the type of mask you’re wearing. Kanter says while cloth masks help protect those around you…

Cut 14 (09)  “…KN95 masks.”

When the pandemic began it was extremely difficult to find face coverings. But over time Kanter says the N95 and KN95 masks are not as scarce as they once were.

Cut 15 (11)  “…them online.”

Kanter says he personally wears a KN95 mask because it’s more comfortable but either a KN95 or N95 mask provides equal protection.

Cut  16 (11) “…of them.”


After dropping the SEC opener to Auburn, the 21st ranked LSU men’s basketball team is now 2-1 in league play after beating Kentucky and Tennessee last week. The Tigers knocked off the Volunteers in front of a sold out crowd on Saturday 79-67. Forward Darius Days says losing to Auburn turned into a good thing…

Cut 17 (17) “ …keep rolling.”

LSU is at Florida on Wednesday and they’ll host Arkansas on Saturday. Coach Will Wade says his team need to keep getting better…

Cut 18 (20) “ ..locked in .” 


The Saints did their part but didn’t get the help they needed from the Rams who blew a 17-point lead against San Francisco and its the 49ers not New Orleans headed to the playoffs. After the Saints defeated the Falcons 30-20 they watched from the locker room to watch San Fran win in overtime in Los Angeles. Coach Sean Payton says they were pulling for the Rams hard…

Cut 19 (12“…would be” 

The Saints finish a crazy season with a 9-8 record. The regular season started with the team re-located in the Dallas area because of Hurricane Ida. The Black and Gold used an NFL record 58 starters because of injuries and COVID. And played four quarterbacks. For the second time this year Trevor Siemien had to replace an injured quarterback…

Cut 20 (24) “..proud of”