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845 new cases of COVID-19 are being reported in the state taking our total number of positive tests over 57,000, along with another jump in hospitalizations, and five additional deaths. 42,000 people are believed to have recovered from the disease, making for roughly 15,000 known active cases in the state.

Louisiana’s law requiring abortion clinics to have admitting privileges is deemed unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court. Monroe Senator Katrina Jackson authored the 2014 legislation and supporters of the law say it made clinics operate under the same law as other outpatient surgical centers. The Center for Reproductive Rights filed suit preventing Louisiana’s law from going into effect. C-P-R CEO Nancy Northup is delighted with today’s ruling…

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The decision was 5-4 against, with Chief Justice John Roberts, a Bush appointment, joining the court’s liberal justices in the decision.

New Orleans Senator Troy Carter calls for regulations on travelers coming into Louisiana from hotspot states like Texas as cases rise nationally. Carter says Louisiana residents went through great pains to follow spread mitigation efforts during the stay at home order and feels the state should protect its borders from areas that did not and are seeing the result.

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Texas and Florida had previously put regulations on visitors from Louisiana.

Legislation that would provide grocery store workers, bus drivers, law enforcement personnel and healthcare workers with a 250-dollar check gains final legislative approval. Alexandria Senator Jay Luneau…

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Front line or essential workers will be eligible for this 250-dollar check if they make less than 50-thousand dollars a year.