7:30 LRN Newscast

The U-S Department of Justice says the Louisiana Department of Corrections is violating inmates constitutional rights by routinely holding them past their release dates. The report highlighted a four-month period last year where 27-percent of the people released from state custody were held past their release dates. The report says this unconstitutiional practice costs Louisiana over two-point-five million dollars a year…
cut 11 (09) “….thousands of people”
Defense attorney Lindsey Blouin says the department of corrections needs more money to update their computer system.

A 15-year-old has been taken into custody after allegedly calling in bomb threats to a restaurant in Opelousas and five different schools in St. Landry Parish. Deputy Chief of the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office, Eddie Thibodaux, says some kids might think it’s a fun prank, but the consequences are not…
cut 14 (10) “….the departments”

Washington Mardi Gras gets underway today in D-C as Governor John Bel Edwards and numerous other elected officials and business leaders from Louisiana conduct meetings with federal officials. But there is also some partying and LA-politics-dot-com publisher Jeremy Alford says Washington Mardi Gras ends with a formal ball on Saturday night…
cut 8 (09) “…Carnival style”

Students and teachers at Cohn (CAH-n) Elementary School in Port Allen are celebrating fifth grade science teacher Dereka Duncan’s achievement of receiving 25-thousand dollars as she is a recipient of the Milken Educator Award….
cut 5 (13) “…state of Louisiana”
Duncan is one of three Louisiana teachers to receive the Milken Educator Award.