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Tort reform supporters are taking a victory lap today after yesterday’s bipartisan passage of legislation aimed at lowering auto insurance rates by changing the way lawsuits are handled. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat calls it a historic achievement in what had become one of the most prominent political issues in the state.
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Governor Edwards indicated he supports the legislation.

The Legislature approved a 34 billion dollar operating budget for the fiscal year that starts today, one that looks fairly similar to the on Governor Edwards proposed. Despite the influx of hundreds of millions of dollars in CARES Act money, Edwards warns there will still have to be some cuts due to COVID-related revenue shortfalls.

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Southern University unveils its line of THC-based medical marijuana products known as AYO (I-O).  The launch sees the release of six different products including tinctures for use under the tongue.  Southern University President Ray Belton says the products have the ability to contribute to the health and welfare of the state and so much more.

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Southern becomes the first HBCU to have THC and CBD product lines.

The Louisiana Department of Veteran’s Affairs is asking citizens to participate in a letter-writing campaign to show support to those in veteran’s homes. Currently, there are more than 600 residents living in five veteran’s homes across the state. Visitation has been limited due to COVID-19 and LDVA Director of Communications Brandee Patrick says you can find a listing of addresses at VetAffairs.LA.Gov.

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