2:30 PM Newscast

Tort reform supporters are taking a victory lap today after yesterday’s bipartisan passage of legislation aimed at lowering auto insurance rates by changing the way lawsuits are handled. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says the bill is packed with items insurers say will save them a lot of money. Once Governor Edwards signs it Pinsonat says the ball moves into the Insurance Commissioner’s court.

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The legislation does not include a mandate for lower premiums.

Southern University unveils its line of THC-based medical marijuana products known as AYO (I-O).  The launch sees the release of six different products.  Executive Director for the Southern Institute for Medicinal Plants Dr. Janana Snowden says it’s rewarding to hear the testimonials from those that need the products.
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The Louisiana Department of Veteran’s Affairs is asking citizens to participate in a letter-writing campaign to show support to those in veteran’s homes. COVID-19 and LDVA spokesperson Brandee Patrick says in March when the pandemic broke out for the safety of residents, they had to limit visitors to mitigate the spread of the virus. The letter-writing campaign is a way of showing residents appreciation.

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The Legislature approved a series of tax breaks for COVID-impacted businesses. Governor Edwards says he has his concerns with passing tax breaks at a time when revenue is already suffering.

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Proponents of the tax breaks say they are necessary to save businesses on the brink right now financially.