1230 PM LRN News

Louisiana reports over 2,000 new COVID-19 cases, the 3rd largest single-day increase since the pandemic began and the highest since April 4th, the peak of the pandemic. We now have over 60,000 positive tests since March. 14 more people have been hospitalized as well, along with 17 new deaths. Orleans and Jefferson Parish have already begun mandating mask usage while inside all businesses as a result of the new spike.

Southern University unveils its line of THC-based medical marijuana products known as AYO (I-O).  The launch sees the release of six different products including tinctures for use under the tongues.  CEO of Ilera Holistic Healthcare Dr. Chanda Mecias they are also rolling out topical solutions.

Cut 6 (08) “…just the beginning.”

Louisiana law prohibits medical marijuana to be used in a smokable form.

The Louisiana Department of Veteran’s Affairs is asking citizens to participate in a letter-writing campaign to show support to those in veteran’s homes. Visitation has been limited due to COVID-19 and Louisiana Department of Veteran’s Affairs Director of Communications Brandee Patrick says they wanted to boost morale.

9 (08) “…praying for them.”

Currently, there are more than 600 residents living in five veteran’s homes across the state. You can also call the LDVA at 225-219-5000 for more information about Project LOVE.