10:30 AM Newscast

Civil lawsuit reform legislation is headed to the Governor’s desk that supporters say may lower auto insurance rates. The bill was passed on veto-proof lines but is less expansive than previous tort legislation that was shot down by the Governor. Crowley Representative John Stefanski calls it an important step forward.
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The bill passed with a few hours left in the special session.

The Legislature approves a 34 billion dollar operating budget for the fiscal year that starts today, one that looks fairly similar to the on Governor Edwards proposed. The Legislature also approved a series of tax breaks for COVID-impacted businesses. Edwards says he has his concerns with passing tax breaks at a time when revenue is already suffering.
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Senator Bill Cassidy says he expects another federal stimulus package to be passed sometime in late July. Cassidy aims to have CARES 4.0 focused on covering the estimated 500 billion dollars of lost revenue for local governments nationwide.When asked how big the next stimulus might be Cassidy expressed concern that about 50 percent of the money allocated for COVID recovery hasn’t even been spent yet.

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The Louisiana National Guard will be performing more hospital flyovers today honoring first responders and frontline healthcare workers.  Several months ago, flyovers were performed, but they didn’t hit every hospital in the state. Louisiana’s Army aviation commander Col. John Plunkett says the routing of these flights should hit Slidell, Hammond, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Alexandria, Shreveport, and Monroe.

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