LRN PM Newscall November 25

The FCC is holding a public auction for airwaves to be used in 5G wireless technology that should result in improved access to broadband internet in rural communities.  Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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Mississippi residents no longer have to travel into Louisiana to play lottery scratch off games. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Senator John Kennedy files the “Clearing Broad Airwaves for New Deployment, or C-Band, Act” in an effort to secure $10 billion for rural broadband infrastructure.  Kennedy says there are many people that do not have reliable internet in less populated areas.

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Kennedy expects internet service providers to shell out between $40 and 50 billion in public auctions to get their piece of the airwaves in an effort to implement 5G technology.

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Kennedy says 5G is faster and can handle more traffic. Kennedy adds it will improve lives.

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Louisiana State Parks end the 3-night minimum stay for weekday stays at campgrounds and cabins. The change starts December 9th. State Parks Director Brandon Burris says they’ve heard the feedback from visitors to waive the minimum weeknight stay requirement that has been in place the last few years.

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Burris expects an uptick in reservations, adding that in some of the less-populated areas the park is the only available overnight accommodations.

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Burris says the repeal sends an encouraging message to those that want to explore sportsman’s paradise.

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For more info on booking a stay, head to L A State Parks dot com.


For the first time ever, Mississippi residents do not have head to Louisiana to buy scratch-off lottery tickets. About 12-hundred convenience stores in the Magnolia State began selling them today. Louisiana Lottery spokesperson Kim Chopin says hopefully this will not result in lower revenues for the Bayou State

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Chopin says Texas and Arkansas have popular lottery games, but residents in those states also play in Louisiana…

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Chopin says Louisiana Lottery is coming off its most successful fiscal year ever in its 28-year history, as they transferred more than 184-million dollars to the state treasury for K-through-12 public education. She credits their creative scratch-off games

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Mississippi lottery retailers will begin selling Mega Millions and Powerball tickets on January 30th.


The Transportation Security Administration expects nearly 27-million people will fly from November 22nd to December 2nd. So the T-S-A is getting the word out, make sure you don’t pack anything in your carry-on bag that could be used as a weapon. Spokesperson Sari Koshetz

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Many people go on hunting trips during Thanksgiving week. Koshetz says if you have a gun in your carry-on bag at the security check-point, you could get arrested…

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Koshetz says this year T-S-A agents have confiscated at least 72 guns at security checkpoints at Louisiana airports. She says you can travel with a gun, but it must go in your checked luggage…

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