3:30 pm LRN Nov. 25 2019 Newscast

Louisiana State Parks end the 3-night minimum stay for weekday stays at campgrounds and cabins. The change starts December 9th. State Parks Director Brandon Burris expects an increase in reservations, adding that in some of the less-populated areas, ta state park is the only available overnight accommodations.

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For more info on booking a stay, head to L A State Parks dot com.

The Transportation Security Administration expects nearly 27-million people will fly from November 22nd to December 2nd. So the T-S-A is getting the word out, make sure you don’t pack anything in your carry-on bag that could be used as a weapon. Spokesperson Sari Koshetz

Cut 12 (12) “…to jail”

Koshetz says you can travel with a gun, but it must go in your checked luggage.

For the first time ever, Mississippi residents do not have head to Louisiana to buy scratch-off lottery tickets. About 12-hundred convenience stores in the Magnolia State began selling them today. Louisiana Lottery spokesperson Kim Chopin says hopefully this will not result in lower revenues for the Bayou State

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