2:30 LRN Newscast November 25

Mississippi residents no longer have to travel into Louisiana to play lottery scratch-off games. Jeff Palermo has the story…
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The Louisiana Health Department says 46-thousand people in Louisiana have lost their Medicaid coverage this month after failing to respond to warning letters that they might be no longer eligible for the taxpayer-funded health care. These individuals who lost their Medicaid coverage had until October 31st to prove their eligibility.

Senator John Kennedy has legislation that he says can bring 5G internet-capable infrastructure to rural areas. Kennedy says high-speed internet is so important in this day and time…
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Kennedy says legislation seeks to make 10-billion dollars to get high-speed internet service to rural areas.

Starting December 9th, Louisiana State Parks will end the three-night minimum stay that’s been required to stay during the week at one of their campgrounds or cabins. State Parks Director Brandon Burris says the repeal sends an encouraging message to those that want to explore the sportsman’s paradise…
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For more info on booking a stay, head L-A State Parks dot com.