AM Newscall 07.30.19

Cutting down on belly fat may double a cancer patient’s chance at survival within the first seven years after diagnosis. Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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 A woman who allegedly murdered her daughter ealier this month is “clinnically deceased” after an attempted suicide in the Rapides Parish Jail…

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After private schools voted to host their own ghigh school atheltic championships in certain sports, those “Select” schools have formed a new organization to represent the 108 participating institutions…

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A new study from LSU Pennington Biomedical researchers indicates that fat stored in unhealthy locations doubles a colorectal cancer patient’s risk of death within seven years.  Director of the Cancer Metabolism Program Dr. Justin Brown says there are two places fat gets stored in the belly, under the skin and deep in the abdomen.

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Brown says with women, the opposite for subcutaneous fat storage.

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Brown says historically cancer cure rates have increased over time and patients are eager to understand things they can do to including change of diet, exercise, and weight loss can improve their outcomes.

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An Alexandria woman accused of murdering her 5-year-old daughter has been declared “clinically deceased” a few days after attempting suicide while in custody at the Rapides Parish Jail.

Rapides Sherriff William Hilton says they’re reviewing the incident, but it appears all policies were adhered to, but 24-year-old Jasmine Anderson’s lawyer Chad Guillot says it’s unacceptable.

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Anderson brought her daughter to a hospital on July 17th, saying she was injured in a car accident, but authorities say her story changed several times, and the wounds appeared suspicious.

Guillot says he’s still trying to get more information about the incident but considering Anderson was in a mental facility when she was initially arrested, the jail should have taken more precautions.

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Reports say Anderson began the attempt a few minutes after a cell check.

Anderson is still on life support machinery at the hospital, but Guillot says that’s only because she was a registered organ donor.

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Concerns have also been raised about the death of Anderson’s husband in 2016, and the bottle cap choking death of her four-year-old son earlier this year in April.


Private high schools also known as “select” schools have formed a new organization within the Louisiana High School Athletic Association to help coordinate their efforts to host their own championship events in football, basketball, baseball and softball.  The sub-organization has raised fears that private schools plan to separate entirely from the LHSAA, but Interim CEO of Louisiana Select Association JP Kelly says that’s not the case…

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The Select sports that will host their own championship are football, baseball, basketball, and softball.

The organization is pushing schools to agree to a guaranteed location for championships. Kelly says a return to the Superdome is one possibility, so are a few colleges…

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With football right around the corner, Kelly says they’re pushing to find championship venues for each division ASAP.

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66 of the 71 Select schools voted in favor of the organization’s creation. There are 108 total Select schools.


Kenner Representative Julie Stokes announces she is not seeking reelection this fall.  Stokes was first elected to the House seat in 2013, and in 2017 ran for state treasurer, but pulled out of the race following a breast cancer diagnosis.  Stokes unsuccessfully ran for Secretary of State in 2018.  Now, she says she’ll be spending more time with family.

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Of all of her legislative accomplishments, Stokes says her actions to help those afflicted with cancer are the most rewarding.

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Stokes says she has great time times in Baton Rouge and will not be a stranger around the Capital city.

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