LRN PM Newscall July 26

When LSU athletics unveiled a 28-million dollar complex for the football team this week it inspired one alum to start a Go-Fund-Me campaign for a new library. Brooke Thorington has more.

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A Baton Rouge judge has sentenced two former LSU students to 30 days in the parish jail for their roles in the 2017 death of Phi Delta Theta pledge Max Gruver. Don Molino has more…

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After LSU unveiled its multi-million dollar athletic complex for the football team this week, some alumni want to put the focus back on academics. LSU Alum Ginger Gibson isn’t faulting the University for building the new state of the art facility, but she also believes students deserve and need a new library so she’s taking matters into her own hands.

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Gibson has set a goal of $20-million for the new library with the GoFundMe Page that will go straight to the LSU Foundation. Gibson feels so strongly about it because the library is vital to every student at the university.

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LSU President F. King Alexander says a new library is in the master plan, but funding remains an issue. Gibson hopes fans of LSU rally behind the campaign like they do for the team because a proper library is a win-win for everyone.

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All donations are tax-deductible because they will be used to advance academic priorities. As of Friday afternoon, over $2,000 has been raised.


Senate President John Alario has seen it all during his time in the Louisiana legislature, which is coming to an end. After 48-years, the term-limited Alario has made the decision not to run for a seat in the House. Alario says he’s going out on a good note as the legislature recently approved a one-thousand teacher pay raise

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Alario led the upper chamber in this last legislative term that saw multiple special sessions, because of disputes over state financing. He says the art of compromise is fading at the state capitol

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Alario says his biggest regret is not passing a significant tax reform bill

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A Lafayette judge is the target of scrutiny after ordering a bailiff to tape a defendant’s mouth shut.  15th Judicial District Court Judge Marilyn Castle had Michael Duhon’s mouth taped after multiple interruptions.  Was the judge in the right?  Longtime Lafayette Attorney Tommy Guilbeau…

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Duhon was sentenced to eleven years after being found guilty of theft of over $25,000 and money laundering.  The judge also recommended he receive mental health treatment.  Duhon’s attorney eventually asked for the tape to be removed and to have his client escorted out of the courtroom.  Guilbeau says the judge has the responsibility to make sure justice is done and court business is carried out.

Guilbeau says a judge can order someone to be bound, gagged, duck taped, or removed from the courtroom.

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Legal analyst Tim Meche says there is an alternative to taping the man’s mouth shut.

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The ACLU calls the incident shocking, dehumanizing, and brutal.


The Louisiana Outdoor Expo and Boat Show is this weekend at the newly renovated Cajundome and Convention Center in Lafayette. Organizer Rob Kirkpatrick says there’s something for everyone at this three-day event

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Tickets are $12.50 for adults, while kids five and under get in for free. Kirkpatrick anticipates nearly 15-thousand visitors to the expo. He says many of them will attend the USA Waterfowl Calling Championships

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Kirkpatrick says the expo showcases outdoor and boating equipment for the beginner or young child up to the skilled hunter or boater. He says one of the more popular exhibits is the Fetch n Fish dog show

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