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A Lafayette judge is the target of scrutiny after ordering a bailiff to tape a defendant’s mouth shut. 15th Judicial District Court Judge Marilyn Castle had Michael Duhon’s mouth taped after multiple interruptions. Was the judge in the right? Longtime Lafayette Attorney Tommy Guilbeau…
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The ACLU calls the act dehumanizing.

In response to the unveiling of the 28-million dollar LSU football operations building, LSU alum Ginger Gibson has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise 20-million dollars for a new university library. Gibson hopes LSU football fans rally behind the campaign like they do for the team, because a modern library is a win-win for everyone.
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As of Friday afternoon, over $2,000 has been raised.

Senate President John Alario is retiring from the Louisiana legislature as he has decided not to seek a seat in the House, since he’s term-limited in the Senate. Alario has spent 48 years in the legislature. His biggest regret, failing to pass major tax reform…
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The folks at the Circle T Cattle Company in Church Point are so serious about the love for a prized cow, they’ve had it cloned. Kevin Barnhart has the story.
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