LRN PM Newscall July 24

LSU officials cut the ribbon today on its new 28-million dollar football operations and performance nutrition center. Jeff Palermo was there…

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Members of Louisiana’s Congressional Delegation questioned Special Counsel Robert Mueller today about Russian election interference and allegations of criminal conduct by the President…

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Today the media toured the new $28 million football operations building at LSU as part of a ribbon-cutting ceremony.  Athletic Director Scott Woodward says his goal is to see LSU have the best of everything.

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The lavishness of the facility has caught heat from some people who feel the state of the art facility is an example of misplaced priorities in higher education when other areas of the campus, including the library, are in rough shape.

Woodward says he doesn’t see the feedback received as an outrage, saying he has seen incredible publicity and social media response.

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Woodward says the publicity of the school’s athletics is crucial as it is usually the first introduction of LSU to the public when enticing students to attend.

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Louisiana Senior Senator Bill Cassidy says the men and women who work for Customs and Border Patrol are stretched thin and need more resources. Cassidy came to that conclusion after touring border operations in McAllen, Texas

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Cassidy says Democrats in Washington call the crisis on the southern border manufactured, but he’s seen first hand it’s real and urgent

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Cassidy says people are coming from around the world to get to the United States and they’ve got to do something different so that that system is not overwhelmed…

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This time of year can be the hottest in Louisiana, but this week the state is receiving relief because of a rare mid-summer cold front that’s cut humidity and brought  Canadian air into the bayou state.  State Climatologist Barry Keim says you can expect high temps in the mid to upper 80s.

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Keim advises everyone not to waste this nice weather and find an excuse to get outside.

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The nicest weather takes place today and tomorrow with clear skies in the forecast as well.  Keim says the cooler temps will start to fade going into the weekend.

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Louisiana US Representatives Cedric Richmond and Mike Johnson questioned Special Counsel Robert Mueller this morning regarding the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, and allegations of crimes committed by the President during that election, and during the ensuing investigation.

Richmond, a Democrat from New Orleans used his time to get an answer from the Special Counsel about activities that Richmond believes constitute Obstruction.

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But Northwest Louisiana Republican Congressman Mike Johnson, who closed for the GOP, disagrees…

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Richmond says the Mueller Report, and the Special Counsel’s testimony today make it clear the President broke the law…

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But Johnson assailed the Mueller team’s credibility and says the investigation was run by partisan lawyers…

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