LRN AM Newscall August 6

With the November elections just three months away, the campaigns of those on the ballot are doing their best to find funding. Kevin Barnhart talks with Publisher Jeremy Alford.

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Corrections Secretary Jimmy LeBlanc says 2017′s criminal justice reforms are starting to show great results, despite criticism from DA’s that the program is leading to dangerous criminals being released too soon.

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Senior tight end Foster Moreau will wear jersey number 18 this season. Kevin Barnhart has more on his reaction of joining the one-eight club…

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With the November elections just three months away, the campaigns of those on the ballot are doing their best to find funding.  Publisher Jeremy Alford says it’s still early for many of the campaigns, but adds the six congressional districts have seen a solid collection so far.

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House GOP Whip Steve Scalise has seen the most money raised for his District 1 race.

Elsewhere, Alford says the third district race is worth keeping an eye on.  He says he feels confident in the ability for Clay Higgins to retain his position, but says if the people of his district vote on someone else, he sees another Republican taking the gig.

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Alford says Julie Stokes has the lead in fund with the Secretary of State’s race.  However, she’s not been showing the traditional Republican outlook on new taxes

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Ag Commissioner Mike Strain says, head on out to the stands and enjoy the fruits of your local farmers and craftsmen’s labor during National Farmers Market Week. It’s a national week of recognition for the local markets, and Strain says that means it’s time to go check out one of the state’s 75 farmers markets and over 100 roadside stands.

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Strain mentioned if it’s a farmers market, then it’s likely made in Louisiana. He says this week farmers are rolling out their best, and you’re likely to see some of the best fruits and veggies in the state on display, and available for purchase.

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And Strain says its not just a great place to buy food, it’s an event…

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Corrections Secretary Jimmy LeBlanc says one year into the program, it’s clear that the criminal justice reforms are showing great results. That’s in response to comments from Louisiana District Attorney’s Association President Ricky Babin who expressed concerns about the program’s results. LeBlanc says the parole reforms have led to a noticeable drop in caseloads to under 135 per officer.

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The prison system is at a 20 year low for inmate population, and saw a seven thousand person drop in the number of people in the parole program.

LeBlanc says the savings from a reduced prison population and lower parole numbers are mostly being reinvested into programs to help offenders reintegrate with society. A PEW Charitable Trusts projection of the state’s progress says at the current pace, the state will see 12 percent fewer parolees, but LeBlanc says he’s confident they’ll do even better than that.

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The prison reforms are estimated to save the state 262 million over the next ten years.

Babin says the prison reforms are leading to more dangerous criminals getting out of prison, saying the program has led to the release of five men who’ve been rearrested for homicides since getting out, but LeBlanc says the reforms need time to get established. He says the overhaul is leading to investment in programs that will curb recidivism, and lead to fewer cases like those in the future.

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The reforms use savings from lower prison populations to reinvest in prison programs.

LeBlanc says if the DAs are upset about potentially violent prisoners getting out too early, then the justice system should focus on giving them proper sentences to start with.

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For LSU’s offense to become a consistent scoring machine, they’ll need good play from their young group of wide receivers. Texas Tech transfer Johnathan Giles says during the first few days of August camp, there’s been a lot of work on technique with passing game coordinator Jerry Sullivan..

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Freshman Ja’Marr Chase has already turned some heads during the first couple of practices with his athletic ability and body strength at six-foot-one, 203 pounds. Giles says Chase is also always listening to the coaches and older players

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Giles says calls new graduate transfer quarterback Joe Burrow a leader, with an accurate arm and a big voice in the huddle. He says the other Q-Bs on the roster have been stepped up their game…

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Saints rookie running back Boston Scott says he’s looking to make the team anyway possible through offense or special teams, possibly as a returner. The former Louisiana Tech standout has been compared to Darren Sproles and Scott says that’s a humbling comparison….

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Scott says as a way to get ready for his NFL career, he spent a week with Drew Brees and his trainer in San Diego…

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The 39-year-old Brees admitted over the weekend he’s spoken with his wife about retiring. But Brees says the entire family supports his effort to win another Super Bowl, plus his kids like coming out to practice

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