10:30 am LRN Newscast Aug. 4, 2018

The Department of Corrections expects to save 262 million dollars over the next decade due to the criminal justice reforms that took place a year ago. Those changes saved the state 12.2 million in just one year’s time and the total supervised parole population statewide has fallen by 7,000 people.

However Outgoing President of the Louisiana District Attorney’s Association Ricky Babin says just because someone is labeled non-violent by the system, doesn’t mean they aren’t potentially dangerous.

Cut 4 (06) “last conviction”

The Department notes that 120 of those released on November 1st, 2017 are back in custody. Babin says five of those released as a result of the reforms were arrested for homicide.

The Superdome is marking it’s 43rd birthday on Friday. The world famous venue arrived on August 3rd 1975 but was approximately 100 million dollars over budget. The Superdome’s completion was almost three years later than expected. However in its four plus decades of existence the Superdome hosted events featuring the Pope, massive concerts, and of course, plenty of Saints football games.

Louisiana’s ‘Back to School’ state tax holiday is on recess for the next seven years. Traditionally, this would have been the weekend shoppers could save money on many school supplies for students. However, the Louisiana Department of Revenue estimates that particular state tax holiday removed over five million dollars from the state.

So, the ‘back to school’ state tax holiday did not survive the legislative’s need to wrestle the state budget back from a fiscal cliff. Another state tax holiday that were suspended was the Second Amendment Sales Tax holiday that used to be in September.

But shoppers should take note that nothing would prevent lawmakers from bring back the state sales tax holidays before next year’s regular session.

And a DeRidder gymnast will represent the United States in November when she competes in the World Age Group Gymnastics Competition in St. Petersburg, Russia. Lynlee Taylor is the 11 year old daughter of Wesley and Amber Taylor.

The Taylors adopted Lynlee from Korea. The girl started in gymnastics at 4 years of age and began competing at the age of 6.