6:30 LRN Newscast August 6

The November 6th election is three months away and the campaigns are doing their best to find funding. Kevin Barnhart talks with LA-Politics.com Publisher Jeremy Alford.
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It’s National Farmers Market Week. Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain says it recognizes the vital role the 75 farmers markets and 100 roadside stands in Louisiana have on the state’s economy…
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The President of the Louisiana District Attorneys Association, Ricky Babin, says the criminal justice reforms approved over a year ago, has led to the release of five men who have been since rearrested and charged with murder. But the head of the state’s corrections department, Jimmy LeBlanc, says the reforms need time to get established…
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Leblanc says the reforms saved 12-million dollars last fiscal year and 70-percent of those savings will be spent on programs to reduce recidivism.

Court records show the man accused of threatening House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and another Congressman had 200 rounds of ammo and gun receipts for two guns at his home in Buffalo, New York. Carlos Bayon is charged with leaving threatening phone messages.

According to the Advocate, Attorney General Jeff Landry favors Louisiana’s current split jury law, which requires 10 of 12 jurists to convict a suspect in a felony case. A constitutional amendment is on the November 6th ballot that would change Louisiana’s law, requiring unanimous verdicts.