3:30 LRN Newscast March 29

Louisiana’s minimum wage will not be changing anytime soon. The House Labor committee rejected a measure that would have implemented a 15-dollar an hour minimum wage. On Tuesday, the Senate also killed a bill to raise the minimum wage from the current level of $7.25. Business groups oppose the legislation, because they say it will lead to higher costs for consumers.

Ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft may soon be regulated by the state rather than parishes or cities in Louisiana. A bill to create statewide regulations over Uber drivers has been introduced. Uber spokesperson Nick Juliano says Louisiana has been lagging behind other states when it comes to regulations.
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Juliano says by creating statewide rules for ridesharing companies, it will allow all of Louisiana to have access to Uber.

Shreveport police arrest 71 individuals during a three-day sting named “Slick John”. Corporal Angie Willhite says the crime fighting operation was an effort to fight prositution and human trafficiking…
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Most of those arrested were men and as old as 68-years-old. A juvenile was also arrested.

If you plan on giving a rabbit as a gift during this Easter weekend, make sure it’s not able to reproduce, because rabbits have a quick reproduction cycle…
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That’s Louisiana SPCA spokesperson Alicia Haefele Vile, who says it also takes a lot of time to care for a rabbit, so make sure your family is ready to handle that responsibility.