4:30 LRN Newscast March 29

A bill to establish one set of rules for ride sharing companies has come up in the legislature. If passed Uber and Lyft will be riding high. Jim Shannon explains.
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The House Agriculture committee approved a bill today that would repeal the requirement for florists to have a license. Carencro Representative Julie Emerson sponsors the measure…
cut 11 (06) “…oversight”
The legislation still requires florists to have a permit, but they would no longer have to pass a 40-question test to get a license.

71 people were arrested in Shreveport during a three-day crime fighting operation targeting prostitution and human trafficking. Most of those arrested were men and the oldest person was 68 years-old. Shreveport Police Corporal Angie Whillhite says…
Cut 13 (06) “very successful”
Law enforcment also seized firearms and guns.

The Louisiana SPCA says think twice before giving a live rabbit as a gift for the Easter holiday. After a month or so, shelters usually see an uptick in the number of people turning in bunnies. Louisiana SPCA spokesperson Alicia Haefel Vile says if you find you can’t care for a rabbit, don’t let the animal try to survive in the wild….
cut 8 (10) “….that rabbit”