15:30 LRN Newscast November 30

Police say they have identified the man who robbed two people at gunpoint last night outside a Baton Rouge bar.   33-year-old Corey Montgomery took a wallet from one of the victims at gunpoint.  As the victims were trying to get away, Montgomery was run over by their vehicle.  Baton Rouge Police Sgt. L’ Jean McKneely says they found Montgomery on the ground with the wallet.  He later died at an area hospital.  McKneely says this case is pretty much decided…

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A 17-year-old student at North Webster High School in Springhill has turned himself into police.  Josh Lewis has confessed to allegedly killing 17 year-old Jaylen Thomas while Thomas was on a lunch break when the teens went to another location in Springhill.  Springhill Police Chief Will Lynd says that’s where the alleged shooting took place…

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Louisiana teachers now have access to free teaching materials all with the click of a computer mouse and keyboard.  The Louisiana Federation of Teachers Spokesman Les Landon says Share My Lesson offers much more than just materials for teachers. It can also benefit parents and their children…

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The site is at l-a-dot-a-f-t-dot-org.

A report from Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana finds 54-percent of children in the Bayou State have experienced traumatic or stressful occurrences in their life.  The original study was based in California.  The majority of the children who experienced adverse events there were white with college educated parents.  Executive Director Amanda Brunson says numbers are even higher in low income neighborhoods.

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