LRN Newscast 14:30 08-29-14

According to, domestic oil production is keeping the nation’s gas prices down to 2010 Labor Day weekend levels…:

CUT 1 (34) “reporting”

State officials have been notified by JP Morgan Chase that personally identifiable information it has with state agencies may have been breached. They don’t know to what extent information, or if it’s been done, but the departments involved will keep citizens informed.


Based on contracts approved by the division of administration, Governor Jindal could pay outside lawyers as much as 275-thousand dollars in state money to represent his office in lawsuits over Common Core. UL Lafayette Political Science Professor Pearson Cross says Common Core supporters will look at this as wasted money

CUT 3 (05) “too much”
A Jindal spokesperson says outside counsel is needed when the individual has special expertise in certain areas of the law.



A low pressure trough along the coast moving up from the Gulf is making for a wet Labor Day weekend. Rain has moved on shore into South Louisiana, and it’s expected to continue tomorrow. As for Sunday…
cut 11 (08) Q: “still very high”
That’s State Climatologist Barry Keim who says South Louisiana could get up to three inches of rain with this system.