PM LRN Newscall on August 29

According to, domestic oil production is keeping the nation’s gas prices down to 2010 Labor Day weekend levels. Michelle Southern reports…:

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State officials say a data breach involving JP Morgan Chase may have exposed Louisiana citizens to identity theft or fraud. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Based on contracts approved by the division of administration, Governor Jindal could pay outside lawyers as much as 275-thousand dollars in state money to represent his office in lawsuits over Common Core. UL Lafayette Political Science Professor Pearson Cross says Common Core supporters will look at this as wasted money

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Governor Jindal filed a lawsuit earlier this week against the Obama administration over Common Core. Jindal accuses the federal government of trying to nationalize the curriculum in local schools. Cross says Jindal’s anti-Common Core stance could be tied to his presidential aspirations

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A Jindal spokesperson says outside counsel is needed when the individual has special expertise in certain areas of the law. Cross says there is a vocal group of anti-Common Core supporters, but there are also many who support the education standards and wish Jindal would spend the state’s money elsewhere

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Many Louisianians are reflecting today on what was going on in their lives 9 years ago when Hurricane Katrina began it’s destructive path across our state. LSU Media Professor Bob Mann was the Communications Director for Governor Kathleen Blanco on August 29th, 2005…:

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Governor Jindal issued a statement today saying Louisianians can take comfort in knowing that we are resilient and will continue to grow and prosper. Mann says we’re much better prepared today in every way to handle another storm like that should it happen again:

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Mann says Louisiana is so schooled in how to prepare for a devastating storm, that we could teach the world how to do it…:

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Those who have outdoor plans Saturday could be dealing with a lot of rain. State Climatologist Barry Keim says the forecast does not look good…

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He says two to three inches of rain is predicted in South Louisiana, with localized areas getting more.  Keim says thunderstorm activity is exptected from New Orleans, through south Louisiana, even into Houston…

CUT 10 (07) “widespread activity”

Keim says this system definitely has a tropical component to it as it is coming from the Gulf of Mexico. He says  says there’s a good chance for rain on Sunday, too….

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According to, domestic oil production is keeping the nation’s gas prices down to 2010 Labor Day weekend levels. Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan says prices on average in Louisiana are about 20 cents lower today than they were a year ago…:

CUT 12 (12) “Lafayette $3.01″

DeHaan says the lack of hurricanes is allowing for oil production to go on without any disruption and that’s lowering the price of gas. He says the United States is about to eclipse Saudi Arabia in monthly oil production…:

CUT 13 (08) “all summer”

DeHaan says the low price at the pump is boosting consumer confidence and as a result more people are hitting the road for an end of summer vacation. He says the good news doesn’t end there as demand for gasoline drops after this weekend..:

cut 14 (11) “throughout the fall months”