LRN Newscast 15:30 08-29-14

State officials say a data breach may have exposed Louisiana citizens to identity theft or fraud. Jeff Palermo has the story…
CUT 2 (30) “reporting”

The college football season is underway tomorrow and the LSU Tigers will face 14th ranked Wisconsin in Houston. Louisiana Tech will visit third ranked Oklahoma tomorrow night, and at Cajun Field, UL Lafayette takes on the Southern Jaguars. Southeastern Will host Jacksonville State.


Many Louisianians are reflecting today on what was going on in their lives 9 years ago when Hurricane Katrina slammed into the coast. LSU Media Professor Bob Mann was the Communications Director for Governor Kathleen Blanco on this date in 2005…:

CUT 6 (13) “what was going on”
Officials say the state is much better prepared now than we were back then.


If you have outdoor plans Saturday, you could be dealing with a lot of rain.
CUT 9 (14) “series of systems”
That’s State Climatologist Barry Keim.