PM Newscall, November 5th, 2015

Republican Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne has crossed party lines and endorsed Democrat John Bel Edwards in Louisiana’s gubernatorial runoff election. Eric Gill reports…

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Five years after the BP Oil Spill, dolphins in Barataria Bay in the Gulf are still being negatively affected. Emelie Gunn has more…

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Republican Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne has crossed party lines and endorsed Democrat John Bel Edwards in Louisiana’s gubernatorial runoff election. In his endorsement, Dardenne stated that honor, integrity, truthfulness, openness, and ethical behavior are the most important traits of public service…

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Dardenne finished fourth in last month’s primary election. He says electing Vitter as governor would do further damage to the Republican brand in Louisiana. Dardenne says he’s come to know and respect Edwards during the course of this campaign…

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Dardenne says he will remain a Republican, but believes Edwards is the best man for the job. In accepting the endorsement, Edwards says he’s grateful for Dardenne’s friendship and counsel…

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A study finds five years after the Deep Water Horizon oil spill, dolphins are still having a hard time reproducing in Barataria Bay in the gulf. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration wildlife epidemiologist Lori Schwacke says they tracked pregnant dolphins in the area and discovered only about 20-percent  were actually giving birth to viable calves.

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Schwacke says all the evidence leads to these problems being linked to the BP spill. She says in other studies, they also discovered an increased amount of stranding of these animals and the higher mortality rate within the oil spill footprint.

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Schwacke says the oil spill not only immediately caused a loss of many dolphins but now many suffer from long lasting abnormalities, which severely harm their reproductive systems. She says the restoration efforts in Barataria and the entire gulf are going to be critical to keep up the dolphin population…:

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Former Governor Mike Foster says he is strongly supporting Republican David Vitter in the November 21st gubernatorial runoff. Foster, who is also a Republican, served as Louisiana’s governor from 1996-2004. He says the idea that the national Democratic Party would have an inroad to our state if John Bel Edwards is elected, scares him…:

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Foster says over the years, as Governor and as a private citizen, when he called on Vitter, there was always a quick response and follow up on important matters. Foster says he’s afraid of liberal policies, and the fact that he’s chosen one candidate over another is not personal…:

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Foster says Vitter has consistently led with clear, strong conservative Louisiana principles. He feels Democrats tend to use a lot of politics where they turn groups against each other…:

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Excitement is building in Tuscaloosa ahead of the SEC showdown between No. 2 LSU and No. 4 Alabama Saturday night. Jim Page is the President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama…:

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The big contest kicks off at 7pm. Page says there are already loads of LSU fans in town as folks usually like to celebrate this game as soon as possible, and they even stay longer after it’s over…:

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Page says they’ve done research in recent years, and found that an average Alabama home football game would have about a $17 million dollar economic impact. But larger games, like the Iron Bowl, boost that number greatly…:

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