12:30 Newscast, November 5th, 2015

Republican Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne has crossed party lines and endorsed Democrat John Bel Edwards in Louisiana’s gubernatorial runoff election. Eric Gill reports…
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Meanwhile the Republican Party of Louisiana is not pleased with Dardenne’s endorsement of a Democratic candidate. Chairman Roger Villere did not hold back and he even called Dardenne the Nick Saban of Louisiana politics. He added it’s a sad day that Dardenne allowed his personal feelings to cause him to betray his party and his state, after decades of using Republicans for his benefit.

A study finds five years after the Deep Water Horizon oil spill, dolphins are still having a hard time reproducing in Barataria Bay in the gulf. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration wildlife epidemiologist Lori Schwacke says they tracked pregnant dolphins in the area and discovered only about 20-percent of dolphins were actually giving birth to viable calves…:
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She says evidence has proven that the spill is the cause of these problems.

We’re starting to see gas prices inch back up. The current statewide average for a gallon of regular jumped two cents overnight to $1.97 according to AAA.