5:30 LRN Newscast June 14

A second person has been arrested, 32-year-old Victoria Cox as an accomplice in the murder of a Loranger woman and the kidnapping of her two daughters and murder of one. Daniel Callihan was arrested Thursday for his involvement in the murder of Callie Brunett, the mother of the two girls. He was apprehended in Mississippi. Jackson Police Chief Joseph Wade says he can’t confirm at this time that cages found at the crime scene were used for human trafficking.

Cut 13 (12) “…crime scene now.” 

The FBI is the lead agency in the case.

Baton Rouge Congressman Garret Graves says he’s not running for re-election. This after he said he was planning to run again despite the 6th congressional district lines being re-drawn to create a second-majority Black district. It was possible he might run in another district against a fellow Republicans but on Friday he announced his decision not to run.

Major Clay Marquez with State Wildlife oversees boating education and he’s encouraging boaters to take one of their education courses before they hit the water. He also reminds boaters to prepare for the weather, create a float plan, and remember operating a vessel is different from a vehicle…

Cut 11 (12) ” …enjoy themselves.”

You can find their free education courses on their website.

After months of legal disputes, prep work on the $3 million Mid-Barataria Sediment Diversion project is set to restart. Houma Representative Jerome Zerengue (rhymes with merengue) says it isn’t an invasive procedure since the diversion is just continuing the work of Mother Nature.

Cut 7 (07) “…built it.”