1:30 LRN Newscast June 10

A bill to lift licensing requirements to braid hair failed to pass in this year’s legislative session. Mel Bridges has more.

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Shreveport police are investigating a shooting involving a man who was reportedly arguing with his girlfriend, and when her father showed up a physical altercation ensued. The father was allegedly shot by the boyfriend and his injuries are life-threatening. It happened around 11:30 this morning on Miriam Lane.

Even though Louisiana ranks among the country’s highest property and automobile insurance rates, you’d be surprised to learn that when it comes to pet insurance, Bayou State is ranked the most affordable. Dayna Drake with MarketWatch Guides says the statewide average to insure your pet is $36 a month.

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The national average is $46 a month.

And speaking of pets, don’t forget to include them in your hurricane plan. LSU School of Veterinarian Medicine spokesperson Ginger Gutner says to be patient with your pet when you must evacuate. She says they can tell when you’re stressed and a new environment could bring out behavioral issues.

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Even if your dog is housetrained, the stress of evacuating could cause them to have accidents.