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A bill that would lift licensing requirements to braid hair did not make it through this year’s legislative session. Chalmette Republican Representative Mike Bayham is disappointed his bill did not make it out of House Commerce, because he is looking to promote jobs.
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The current rules say braiders must have at least 500 hours of education, which can cost as much as 20 thousand dollars and Bayham says the number of hours needed for training and the cost to get educated is a barrier.

The Annie E Casey Foundation released a new report today that shows there was unprecdented drop in learning and absences from 2019 to 2022 as a result of the of the pandemic. Thirty-percent of all students were chronically absent, but Annie E Casey President Lisa Hamilton says the chronic absence percentage was better in Louisiana…
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Hamilton says they actually saw reading scores improve as well.
College athletic departments are preparing for the likelihood of paying their athletes a total of 22 million dollars starting in 2025 as a result of a historic antitrust case between the NCAA and two former college athletes. LSU Executive Deputy Athletics Director Verge Ausberry says they are just waiting for terms to be finalized
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The money that will go to the athletes will come from the massive TV deals that major conferences have agreed to with ESPN and Fox, plus other sources of revenue. One potential new source of revenue is sponsor logos, which can be painted on football fields this year.