6:30 am Newscast

Today is the deadline to file your state income taxes. But don’t worry if you need more time. Louisiana has an automatic six-month extension to November 15, 2024. Connor Brown is a certified tax preparer for LaPorte CPAs and Business Advisors

Cut 4 (10) “…taxes that are due.”

That means if you think or know you will owe some taxes that still need to be paid by today. Otherwise, you will start accruing interest and penalties.

The National Weather Service says multiple tornadoes touched down in southwest Louisiana on Monday. Meteorologist Jeremy Michael says two tornadoes touched down in the Lake Charles area and the other in St. Martin Parish

Cut 7 (16) “…Sulphur tornado.”

Another storm system is headed our way but Michael says the arriving tomorrow should be more of a heavy rain event.


A Senate approved bill that would make the sale of consumable hemp products containing THC illegal has passed the House Criminal Justice Committee.  Sean Richardson has more on the debate.

Cut 3 (34) “…I’m Sean Richardson.” 

The College of Engineering and Science and the Institute of Micro-manufacturing at Louisiana Tech University have been awarded 1.3 million dollars by the United States Air Force. That comes in the form of a Department of Defense grant which will allow researchers to enhance military technology, diagnose any issues and advance the lifespan of that technology.