LRN AM Newscall May 15

Today is the deadline for Louisiana state income tax. If you haven’t filed yet don’t worry. You’ve got a little more time. Sean Richardson has the story.

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For the past four years, driving past the Hertz building in Lake Charles has been a sad reminder of Hurricane Laura’s destruction but that is about to change. Colleen Crain explains…

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A Senate approved bill that would make the sale of consumable hemp products containing THC illegal has passed the House Criminal Justice Committee with a 7 to 5 vote and now moves onto the House floor.  Sean Richardson has more on the debate.

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Today is the deadline to file your state income taxes. But don’t worry if you need more time. Louisiana has an automatic six-month extension to November 15, 2024. Connor Brown is a certified tax preparer for LaPorte CPAs and Business Advisors

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That means if you think or know you will owe some taxes that still need to be paid by today. Otherwise, you will start accruing interest and penalties.

Brown with some methods to pay the tax man.

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A possible reason for making the extension automatic was a way to easy administration and the taxpayers.

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There is no added step for Louisiana Taxpayers, but even with the November 15th extension 6 months away it’s no time to waste.


The National Weather Service says multiple tornadoes touched down in southwest Louisiana on Monday. Meteorologist Jeremy Michael says two tornadoes touched down in the Lake Charles area and the other in St. Martin Parish

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Several businesses and homes were damaged in Sulphur and its estimated peak winds were 120-miles per hours. Michael says an EF two tornado also hit Henderson in St. Martin Parish and it caused significant damage…

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Another storm system will move into the state tomorrow. Michael says this system looks to be more of a heavy rain event than severe storms, but southwest and central Louisiana have already received enough rain for the week as rivers and bayous are at flood stage…

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The highest risk for widespread heavy rainfall is north of the I-10 corridor. State health department confirms three storm related deaths from Monday’s severe weather, one woman in St. Martin Parish, a pregnant women and her fetus were also killed in Port Allen.


The Skyline of Lake Charles is changing as the tall, mirrored Hertz building is finally coming down. It has been four years since the building sustained significant damage in Hurricane Laura leaving multiple broken glass panes to greet travelers on I-10. Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter says they are making sure the taxpayers are not footing the bill for the demolition…

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Hunter says the city does not own the Hertz Building but he is among many who wanted to save it. He and city officials met with a least a dozen private developers in hopes of finding a way…

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Staging for demolition will begin around May 20th and the building is expected to come down in Late August to Early September. Hunter says city consultants are there to ensure a safe event and he promised that whatever replaces the structure will be better than the current view.

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A Senate approved bill that would make sale of any hemp product containing THC illegal statewide has passed the House Criminal Justice Committee with a 7 to 5 vote and moves to the House floor for final legislative passage. Shreveport Senator Thomas Pressley says there are dozens of THC products available to buy that can get you high and some of them are marketed towards children…

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Currently, point-three-percent THC is allowed in a consumable hemp product. Pressly’s bill says none at all if it becomes law.

Joe Gerrity, CEO of Crescent Canna makes that product and disputed Senator Pressly’s testimony…

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Gerrity says prohibiting the sale of THC in a regulated, licensed, and taxable market will only drive people back to the black market.

Joseph Jones, System Director for North Louisiana Crime Lab said a huge factor for dealing with THC products in Louisiana are the standards of dosages from one product to another.

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Darrell Schweiss – Executive Director of the Hemp Association of Louisiana says that he believes that this industry can be regulated and protect the thousand of Louisiana business owners that have invested in Hemp Market.

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The bill moves onto the House and if signed into law will take effect August 1.