5:30 LRN Newscast February 20

The House Criminal Justice Committee has approved legislation where a person convicted of a carjacking that results in serious bodily harm will get 20 to 30 years. Author of the bill Metairie Representative Laurie Schlegel says the crime of carjacking cost the life of a 73-year-old grandmother in 2022…

Cut 12 (09)  “..their car.”  

A senate committee today approved Legislation that would allow non felon adults to concealed carry without a permit. President of New Orleans Metropolitan Crime Commission Rafael Goyeneche has concerns about the bill because in order to obtain a permit you need to pass a training class

Cut 4 (09) “…no training.”

But supporters of the legislation say it allow law abiding adults to protect themselves

LSU running back Trey Holly posted a statement on social media to announce his innocence in a shooting that took place in Farmerville. But Legal analyst Tim Meche says Holly stating that he was at home when the shooting happened

Cut 9 (13) “…go together.” 

Holly is one of three people charged with attempted second-degree murder where two people were wounded. Meche says if Holly feels he was falsely identified and he’s 100 percent innocent…

Humane Society of Louisiana Director Jeff Dorson says a young pig was rescued from three men who were throwing him like a football during carnival season. Dorson says preparations to place piglet in his forever home is underway.

Cut 8 (12) “…keep him.” 

An exam found Piglet did not suffer any injuries or trauma.  HSLA is planning a formal presentation of piglet to Representative Lauren Ventrella to take place on the steps of the State Capitol.