4:30 PM Newscast Feb 20

Legislation to concealed carry without a permit in Louisiana is being debated in the current special session on crime. President of the New Orleans Metropolitan Crime Commission Rafael Goyeneche says police are trained to look for outlines of a gun in clothing and if passed this bill would prevent officers from asking for proof of a gun permit.

Cut 3 (11) “…passes.”  

And the first item to receive approval by the House Criminal Justice Committee is a measure that increases penalties for carjacking. Under the bill, a person convicted of a carjacking that results in serious bodily harm will get 20 to 30 years. Katie Hunter Lowrey with the Promise of Justice Initiative spoke against it…

Cut 11 (10) “…detention centers”

LSU running back Trey Holly is one of three people charged with attempted second-degree murder. Legal analyst Tim Meche believes it was a bad move for Holly to post on social media and says if Holly feels he was falsely identified and he’s 100 percent innocent…

Cut 10 (11) “…going forward.”

The scared baby swine, named Piglet, was removed from the harsh environment after being tossed around like a football during carnival season. Shortly after, Piglet was placed in the care of HSLA. To help pay his vet care, Dorson says a video was placed on social media and piglet became an internet favorite.

Cut 7 (13) “…approaching $1400..”