LRN AM Newscall February 21

Louisiana has lost more than two thousand farmers over the last five years. Teiko Foxx explains…

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A bill to expand ways to execute death row inmates in Louisiana advances from House Criminal Justice. Brooke Thorington has more.

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A bill allowing non-felon adults in Louisiana to carry a concealed gun without a permit is headed to the Senate floor after passing the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday. Colleen Crain has the story…

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Why are farmers leaving the Bayou State in herds? More than two thousand farmers have left the state between 2017 and 2022, according to USDA Census. Neil Melancon with the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation says this is driven by fewer but larger farms. He says smaller farms are finding it impossible to remain economically viable.

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There were eight million acres of farmland in 2017, compared to 7.97 million in 2022.

Melancon says family farms help drive the economy, but rice farming has been very difficult over the last decade. He says the average age of a farmer is 59 and they age out of the industry, which has a ripple effect…

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Melancon says a drop in farmers statewide means education and awareness decreases.

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A bill to expand methods used to carry out the death penalty and to provide protections for those involved, like drug companies that provide the ingredients used for lethal injection, passed in House Criminal Justice Tuesday. Bill sponsor Hammond Representative Nicholas Muscarello was asked by Pineville Representative Mike Johnson why the state has difficulty carrying out death sentences.

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The last death row inmate executed in Louisiana was in 2010.

The bill would allow Louisiana to return to the use of the electric chair and add other lethal methods, for example, nitrogen gas was recently used to execute an inmate in Alabama. A letter read on behalf of Louisiana nurse anesthetist Johnathan Grandon urged lawmakers to vote against it.

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The use of the electric chair in Louisiana was previously revoked because it was deemed cruel and unusual punishment.

Muscarello says many assume House Bill 6 is about allowing the death penalty to proceed in Louisiana. He says it’s a common misconception because it’s already legal and he reiterated that with Johnson.

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A statement was read on behalf of Brett Malone, the son of Mary Ann Shaver Malone who was murdered in 2000 urged lawmakers to reject adding additional methods of execution.

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Malone’s letter said he wanted his family’s legacy to be one of mercy and he wanted the state to forgo executing his mother’s murderer.

In committee, the bill was amended to provide counseling for those involved in carrying out an execution. The bill passed unopposed and advances to the House floor.


A bill allowing non-felon adults in Louisiana to carry a concealed gun without a permit is headed to the Senate floor after nearly unanimously passing the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday. Committee Chairman Jay Morris of Monroe doesn’t believe criminals are going to be more of a problem if law-abiding adults are allowed to carry without a permit.

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Morris says criminals don’t abide by laws and this bill is not meant for them.

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NOPD Deputy Superintendent Lawrence Dupris spoke to the committee saying gun crimes spiked in other states after similar legislation passed.

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The only vote opposing the permit-less concealed carry bill came from Regina Barrow, the lone Democrat on the committee.


Sherbin – the crawfish becomes the eight-crustacean granted freedom by Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser as crawfish season ramps up. For the last eight years on the first Tuesday after Mardi Gras, the state officially pardons one crustacean to celebrate the mudbug season. Nungesser says this puts Louisiana in the national spotlight and highlights the industry’s importance.

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The pardoned crawfish will enjoy the rest of her days at Bayou Teche in Beaux Bridge. Nungesser points out this year’s shortage of the tasty mudbugs has made it difficult for farmers and fishermen.

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In keeping with the tradition, Barry Toups, owner of Crawfish Haven and Mrs. Rose’s Bed and Breakfast in Kaplan, caught and selected the guest of honor for his reprieve.


The LSU men’s basketball team will try to get its second straight win over a ranked opponent tonight when they host 17th-ranked Kentucky. The Wildcats average 88 points a game, third highest in college basketball. Kentucky also shoots 41 percent from three-point territory, which leads the country. Tigers Coach Matt McMahon says transition defense will be a key, because of the speed of Kentucky’s guards…

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Fifth-year senior Antonio Reeves leads the Wildcats. The potential second-round pick averages close to 20 points a game and shoots 44 percent from three-point territory. Two of Kentucky’s top NBA prospects, Rob Dillingham and Reed Shephard come off the bench. McMahon says the players understand the challenge..

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It will come down to defense and rebounding. LSU point guard Jalen Cook is questionable with a hamstring injury. But guard Trae Hannibal is playing at a high level, coming off a six-point and 12 rebound performance against South Carolina. McMahon says Hannibal has been a beast…

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