LRN Newscast 15:30 08-27-15

Sunset, Louisiana is in mourning today following the shooting death of Police Officer Henry Nelson yesterday. 35-year-old Harrison Lee Riley allegedly shot Nelson, as he was reponding to an domestic disturbance Riley was involved with. Sunset Mayor Charles James says he knew Nelson since he was a child and he will be someone who won’t be forgotten…
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Riley faces charges of first degree murder of a police officer, first degree murder of one of three women he stabbed, and attempted first degree murder.

The East Baton Rouge Coroner’s Office and Capital Area Human Services are teaming up to raise awareness about the growing heroin and synthetic marijuana problem in the area. Coroner Dr. Beau Clark says his office has already seen 24 heroin overdose deaths so far this year. He says the message of this campaign is clear…
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President Obama touched down in New Orleans this afternoon to remember the victims and honor the heros and congratulate the Lower Ninth Ward on their newly opened community center. This afternoon, the president roamed the streets; going from house to house and visiting with residents, and offering remarks of encouragement.

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture unveils its new mobile pet shelter that can be used in the next Hurricane…
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