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The Louisiana Lottery reports record profits for the fiscal year 2023. Brooke Thorington has the winning numbers…

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Qualifying for the statewide elections is next week, but are voters paying attention to the developing races? Teiko Foxx has more…

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If you’re a State Farm auto policyholder get ready for a rate increase. Brooke Thorington has more.

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The heat is keeping many of us inside in the air conditioning, but livestock do not have that option. Doctor Pat Bagley, director of the Beef Cattle Research Center at Southern, says this type of heat is not good as it slows down reproduction…

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Bagley says fewer cattle will result in a decline in supply, which means higher prices for consumers at the grocery store. He says livestock cattle producers are doing what they can and that includes making sure the cattle have plenty of salt because they are losing a lot of salt during the sweat process…

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Cattle farmers try to sell their calves once they’ve reached 600 pounds, but that’s more difficult when it’s hot because cows don’t eat as much when it’s hot…

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The Louisiana Lottery finishes the fiscal year with the highest revenue in the state’s history. Lottery spokesperson Kimberly Chopin says the lottery made over $653 million for the fiscal year 2023.

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Chopin says that’s an increase of over $20 million from last year.

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Chopin credits record-setting Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots as the driving force behind increased revenues as more Louisianans played in hopes of cashing in the big prize. She says the introduction of the $20 scratch-off has also increased their revenue.

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Since the lottery began operations in 1991 more than $12.9 billion has been generated in revenue for Louisiana.


Qualifying for the statewide races begins next week and are voters paying attention to the races that are developing for governor and the other open statewide seats, attorney general, state treasurer, and secretary of state.  JMC Analytics and Polling pollster  John Couvillon doubts we’ll see the same interest in 1983 when 53-percent of the registered voters went to the polls for the Edwin Edwards-Dave Treen gubernatorial race.

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Couvillon says there’s not a lot of clapping and cheering for the governor’s race where Attorney General Jeff Landry is the front runner and one of five Republicans running for office. Typically there’s a 45 to 50 percent turnout for a gubernatorial election. He says the numbers are currently at the lower end of that spectrum…

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Couvillon expects interest will grow as we get closer to the October 14th primary.

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Early voting is scheduled from September 30th through October 7th. The primary election is set for October 14th.


Louisiana drivers insured by State Farm are about to see sticker shock on their premiums. State Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon says 29 percent of motorists in Louisiana have State Farm coverage.

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Donelon says it’s a significant surge driven primarily by an increase in cost in the years since they took a rate increase with collision and comprehensive coverage of any significance.

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The commissioner says he’s unhappy to impose additional costs to State Farm policyholders. When asked if he believes other auto insurers will increase their premiums also…

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In 2020, State Farm lowered rates by almost ten percent and rates increased in 2021 by four percent. Donelon suggests auto policyholder price compare rates and coverage.


Saints running back, Alvin Kamara, who faces a possible suspension from the NFL for his role in a fight outside of a Las Vegas nightclub in 2022 plans to meet with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Kamara pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge and head coach Dennis Allen says Kamara is looking forward to telling his side of the story…

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So far through training camp, cornerback Marshon Lattimore has looked really good after missing ten games last season as a result of an abdomen injury. Allen says Lattimore is putting in the work…

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Saints first-round draft pick Bryan Bresee is going through his first NFL camp. The defensive tackle of Clemson says he’s working on footwork and hand placement…

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