5:30 LrN Newscast

US Senator Bill Cassidy is the latest Republican to announce his support of Attorney General Jeff Landry for governor. Cassidy says Landry, like himself, is fighting to make flood insurance more affordable.
Cut 5 (11) “…paying jobs.”
Qualifying for the October 14th primary election is next week.

Can any of the gubernatorial candidates do anything about the rising cost of insurance in general. Louisiana drivers insured by State Farm are about to see sticker shock on their premiums….
cut 13 (12) “…not liability”
State Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon says 29 percent of motorists in Louisiana have State Farm coverage.

Despite a drop in demand, gas prices rose during July to a statewide average of $3.36 a gallon for regular gasoline, which is almost 30-cents higher than a month ago. AAA fuel analyst Don Redman says the supply of gasoline has decreased and the hot weather is partly to blame…
cut 9 (12) “…the heat”

The heat is keeping many of us inside in the air conditioning, but livestock do not have that option. Doctor Pat Bagley, director of the Beef Cattle Research Center at Southern, says this type of heat is not good as it slows down reproduction…
Cut 4 (09) “…this small.”
Bagley says fewer cattle will result in a decline in supply, which means higher prices for consumers at the grocery store.