7:30 LRN Newscast

Attorney General Jeff Landry’s office is suing FEMA; seeking transparency on why flood insurance rates are skyrocketing.
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The U-S Senate approved a bipartisan debt-ceiling deal late last night. Both of Louisiana’s Republican U-S Senators voted against it. John Kennedy says the bill would normalize and institutionalize emergency spending that Congress had to provide during the pandemic. And Bill Cassidy says the legislation cuts vital defense spending and barely decreases the debt.

A poll conducted by LSU finds that 70-percent of respondents support legally allowing people to possess small amounts of marijuana for recreational use. Director of the Louisiana Survey, Doctor Michael Henderson, says in 2013, only 42-percent supported legalization for recreational use and support is also growing among older individuals…
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Colorado State University hurricane researchers have increased their forecast slightly for the 2023 hurricane season as they are now predicting 15 named storms. Researcher Angelie Nieves-Jimenez says forecasting is difficult this year, because an El Nino is expected to develop…
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