5:30 LRN Newscast June 1 and Legislative Report

House passed legislation to prohibit classroom discussion of sexual orientation and/or gender identity in public schools’ heads to the full Senate after Senate Education approved the bill. Critics refer to the legislation as Louisianan’s version of the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.” Bill author Houghton Representative Dodie Horton disagrees.

AM Cut 7 (09) “…conversation.”

But opponents like openly gay Public Service Commissioner Davante Lewis says the bill is hateful and it tells children they aren’t accepted if they are different. The former educator says it’s not an issue in the state.

AM Cut 8 (09) “…the United States.”

In the final days of the session the bill heads to the Senate for what could be final passage.

The 2023 Louisiana survey, an annual poll produced by LSU, shows support growing for legal abortions. Director of the Louisiana Survey Dr. Michael Henderson says two months ago they polled about 500 Louisiana residents about the hot-button topic.

PM Cut 12 (13) “…52 percent.” 

44 percent agree with the state’s near-total ban of abortions. Henderson says 85 percent of the respondents believe a woman should be able to obtain a legal abortion if the pregnancy has put the mother’s life in jeopardy and 77 percent also support an exception for rape and incest…

PM Cut 13 (09) “…and Republicans” 

Legislation to add exceptions to the state’s abortion ban filed to pass out of committee.