4:30 LRN Newscast June 1

Another Democrat may be getting into the Governor’s race; Orleans Parish D.A. Jason Williams…:

CUT 01  (33)        “…Brooke Thorington.”

On the first day of our five-month hurricane season, Tropical Depression Number 2 has formed in the Gulf several miles south of the Florida panhandle. Weather experts say the system will be mostly a rainmaker for Florida and poses virtually no threat to Louisiana.


U.S. House Majority Leader and Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise is telling GOP candidates for governor this fall to play nice. This after a PAC supporting Stephen Waguespack for Governor put out a TV & radio ad attacking A.G. Jeff Landry (the perceived GOP front-runner) as being soft on crime. Scalise wants no party in-fighting, and political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says it’s not hard to understand why…:

CUT 04  (12)        “…John Bel Edwards.”

LSU’s annual Louisiana survey of public opinion shows large numbers favor adding exceptions to the state’s ban on abortions. Research lead Dr. Mike Henderson says big number support exemptions for rape and to preserve the mother’s health. He says this parallels national opinion…:

CUT 14  (08)        “…the Supreme Court.”

Under current law, there are no exemptions in the state’s abortion law.