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Attorney General Jeff Landry’s office is suing FEMA; seeking transparency on why flood insurance rates are skyrocketing. More from Kevin Gallagher…:

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Legislation that’s been called Louisiana’s version of “Don’t Say Gay Bill’ heads to the Senate for possible final passage.  Brooke Thorington reports.

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More than half of Louisiana residents support legally allowing people to possess small amounts of marijuana for recreational use according to LSU’s 2023 Louisiana survey. Teiko Foxx has more.

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Attorney General Jeff Landry has filed a lawsuit against FEMA over the new Risk Rating 2.0 flood insurance pricing policy. At a Thursday press conference, Landry says the federal agency’s rate increases place a great many Louisianans at risk of foreclosure. They have asked for open information on how the rates are set, with no response from FEMA…:

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State Solicitor General Liz Murrill (pronounce “mural”) says Louisiana joins Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Texas, South Carolina, and other states and local governments in suing FEMA for transparency. She says no other state has more experts on storm & flood damage and costs than Louisiana, and FEMA has been offered that expert help…:

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Murrill says the state Department of Justice has 60 declarations of support for the lawsuit, from parish governments, GOHSEP, the CPRA, and others. Many homeowners have mortgages contingent on having flood insurance, and if they cannot afford it they could lose their homes. Murrill says FEMA needs to explain themselves…:

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Experts say Risk Rating 2.0 poses a threat to the entire housing market in Louisiana.


House passed legislation to prohibit classroom discussion of sexual orientation and/or gender identity in public schools’ heads to the full Senate after Senate Education approved the bill. Critics refer to the legislation as Louisianan’s version of the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.” Bill author Houghton Representative Dodie Horton disagrees.

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But opponents like openly gay Public Service Commissioner Davante Lewis says the bill is hateful and it tells children they aren’t accepted if they are different. The former educator says it’s not an issue in the state.

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Opponents also say the bill is a solution looking for a problem and that this isn’t an issue in Louisiana. But Horton cited examples that it is happening and even referred to a teacher in Caddo Parish.

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Horton says parents should decide how their children learn about these topics and the bill gives parents the right to do that. Lewis says the bill singles out students, teachers, and parents who are different.

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In the final days of the session the bill heads to the Senate for what could be final passage.


LSU’s annual 2023 Louisiana survey of public opinion shows increasing support to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Director of the Louisiana Survey Dr. Michael Henderson says the percentage of respondents who support legal possession of small amounts of marijuana for recreational use has nearly doubled in the last ten years.

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It’s no surprise that among demographic groups, adults under 35 years of age are the biggest supporters. Henderson says the survey shows a sizable increase in support from respondents 65 and older.

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But respondents along party lines believe the opposing party’s views on marijuana usage is more extreme than their own. Henderson says he’s unsure if policy will follow public opinion.

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Tropical depression number two has already formed on the first day of the 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season, Colorado State University researchers are predicting a near-average hurricane season.  CSU Hurricane Investigator Angelie Nieves-Jimenez (On-jah-lee Knee-ah-vas Him-ez) says they are calling for 15 named storms.

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Nieves-Jimenez says 2023 has been a difficult year for hurricane predictions…

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She says there are not many good analogs for this season where a moderate-strong El Nino and much warmer than normal Atlantic are likely to co-exist.

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The current tropical depression in the Gulf does not appear to pose a threat to Louisiana.


After being ranked number one for most of the season, the real season begins today for the LSU Tigers as they open the Baton Rouge Regional by hosting Tulane. The Tigers went 1-and-2 last week in the SEC Tournament but center fielder Dylan Crews says postseason truly begins today….

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The Tigers enter today’s game with a 43-15 record. Coach Jay Johnson says they’ve treated every game like a playoff game, so…

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Also this afternoon, the Ragin Cajuns will battle Texas in the opening game of Coral Gables regional. U-L Lafayette Coach Matt Deggs says it’s an even match-up on paper….

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Right hander Jackson Nezuh will start today’s game. He’s 9-and-5, with a 6.15 ERA. Deggs says his numbers are deceiving…

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