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The Ronald Greene investigation, the DCFS scandal and a ban on most abortions are among the top stories in 2022. Marsanne Golsby has more…
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A new law taking effect January 1st requires carbon monoxide detectors in one or two-family homes sold or newly leased in Louisiana. Metairie Representative Stephanie Hilferty is the law’s author. She says she brought the bill after a close call with CO fumes following Hurricane Ida. She says CO detectors are simple to install and don’t cost a lot…:
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Hilferty says one can even find combination CO AND smoke detectors at almost ANY home improvement or hardware store.

Tomorrow is the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans as Alabama takes on Kansas State. Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser he’s encouraged Crimson Tide and Wildcat fans to stay the entire weekend in New Orleans…
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For the second year in a row, the state will have a float to promote tourism to Louisiana in Monday’s Tournament of Roses parade.