LRN PM Newscall December 30

Five people , four adults and a juvenile, have been arrested following the death of an infant in Winnfield. Jeff Palermo has the troubling details…

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The Ronald Greene investigation, the DCFS scandal and a ban on most abortions are among the top stories in 2022. Marsanne Golsby has more…

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In 2021 the Louisiana Office of Tourism says 41 million people visited the Bayou State, not quite the pre-pandemic levels of 53 million in 2019. But Lt Governor Billy Nungesser is optimistic that numbers this year will indicate significant growth.

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Prior to COVID, he says the state had five years of record-breaking number years in state tourism.

Nungesser says it’s not just the Crescent City that’s rebounding in tourism, he says they saw record-breaking numbers during Mardi Gras elsewhere in the state.

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And with the Sugar Bowl on Saturday, Nungesser says he’s been promoting tourism to both Alabama and Kansas State fans encouraging them to extend their trips.

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For the second consecutive year, the Office of Tourism has promoted the state at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Tournament of Roses parade.


If you are going to celebrate the New Year with fireworks, the state Fire Marshal’s office says light them at least 200 feet away from houses or anything else that can catch fire. Spokeswoman Ashley Rodrigue says the embers can start fires.

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She says don’t handle fireworks if you are impaired, and keep a close eye on young children.

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Rodrigue says to shoot only one firework at a time and keep an eye on where the embers land.

And she says fires have started in garbage cans when the packaging wasn’t soaked with water

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This year had its share of big stories in Louisiana with the investigation into the 2019 State Police custody death of Ronald Greene ranked as our top story of 2022. Federal prosecutors refused to pursue charges against the officers involved, but five officers are facing state charges. Greene’s mother Mona Hardin felt some relief…

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A special legislative committee held several hearings looking at how State Police attempted to cover-up the investigation into Greene’s death. There are questions of what Governor John Bel Edwards knew and when did he know about the beating Greene took from officers before he died….

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The resignation of Department of Children and Family Services Secretary Marketa Garner Walters was another major story. Two Baton rouge toddlers died in a four-month span from drug overdose deaths. In both cases, DCFS received warnings the children were in danger. Governor Edwards defended Walters’ before he no longer could…

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It was a big year for pro life advocates who saw abortion become illegal in most cases in Louisiana as a result of legislation passed that went into effect after Roe Versus Wade was overturned. Kathaleen Pittman was a long-time administrator at a Shreveport abortion clinic that shut down for good in August

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A 98-year-old mother from Alexandria and her 69-year-old daughter were killed in a two-vehicle crash on U-S 190 in Pointe Coupee Parish on Thursday morning. State Police Trooper Christian Reed says the victims were traveling in an S-U-V that slammed into the back of a parked tractor-trailer on the side of the road…

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The victims have been identified as 69-year-old Barbara Dobard Rigby and 98-year-old Maynette Dobard of Alexandria. A person inside the 18-wheeler’s sleeper cab was not hurt. A toxicology sample was obtained from Rigby and submitted for analysis.

Reed says it’s a tragic incident to end the year…

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