9:30 LRN Newscast Dec 30

Federal crime statistics place New Orleans at the top of the list for homicides in the country. Whitney Thomas reports on the Murder Capital of the USA…:

CUT 02  (32)        “…Thomas.”

A shocking story out of Winn Parish; a 5-month-old baby girl who died last week was determined to be a murder victim…and the suspect is the child’s 11-year-old sibling. The baby died of blunt force to the head and body. The pre-teen was taken into custody. Four adults in the Winnfield home were also charged with cruelty to a juvenile. More as this story develops.


A new law taking effect January 1st requires carbon monoxide detectors in one or two-family homes sold or newly leased in Louisiana. Metairie State Representative Stephanie Hilferty is the law’s author. She says she brought the bill after a close call with CO fumes following Hurricane Ida. She says CO detectors are simple to install and don’t cost a lot…:

CUT 06  (05)        “…sort of thing.”

Hilferty says one can even find combination CO AND smoke detectors at almost ANY home improvement or hardware store.

With the New Year may come the resolution to find a new job. UNO economics professor Mark Rosa says before you make an impulsive move, ask yourself “am I moving JUST to make the move?” He says choose your job move wisely because your current employer will get along without you…:

CUT 12(06)      “…like everybody loses.”

Rosa says make the move if it means better income, furthering your chosen profession or moving INTO a profession you prefer.