7:30 LRN Newscast Dec 30

New statistics show that New Orleans is on track for having the highest homicide rate in the U.S. this year; over 70 homicide per 100-thousand residents, which tops any other city. Rafael Goyeneche with the Metropolitan Crime Commission says lack of cops is the reason. Because so many cops have left the force, the homicide rate is up 132-percent since 2019…:

CUT 08(09)      “…are up 21-percent.”

He says the city council finally agreed to pay cops more, offer signing and retention bonuses and to hire more police.

The heavy rains we say yesterday will persist into part of today across Louisiana. State Climatologist Barry Keim says go ahead make those outdoor plans for celebrating New Year’s Eve…:

CUT 14(09)      “…mild temperatures.”

Have a safe and Happy New Year…


A new law taking effect January 1st requires carbon monoxide detectors in one or two-family homes sold, or newly-leased in Louisiana. Metairie State Representative Stephanie Hilferty, who authored the law passed last spring, says she has personal experience with the matter. When she and other family members were staying in her mother-in-law’s home after Hurricane Ida, her portable carbon monoxide detector went off…:

CUT 04(09)      “…have happened.”

This law will affect any home that is sold or leased after the first of the year. Hilferty recommends everyone get working CO detectors for their homes.

With the New Year may come the resolution to move to a new job. UNO professor of Economics & Finance Mark Rosa has some tips. First, make sure your resume is up to date and truthfully reflects your work history. Rosa says employers are eager to hire new talent right now…:

CUT 10(11)      “…a buyer’s market.”

Rosa says don’t make a move JUST to move. Make sure the move will help advance your career and your earnings potential.