8:30 LRN Newscast

Holiday shopping online? An LSU Cybersecurity Expert has some tips to keep your money out of the hands of scammers. Kevin Gallagher has more…:
Cut 2 (29) “…I’m Kevin Gallagher.”

Gift cards are a popular gift this time of year. Jill Gonzales from Wallet-hub-dot-com tells us the most popular gift cards for this year…
cut 8 (13) “….Chik-fil-A”
You’ll have 30 days until Christmas Day starting tomorrow.

If you have any questions as you cook your Thanksgiving Feast, you can call the U-S-D-A Meat and Poultry hotline at 1-888-674-6854….
cut 24 (08) “….and English”
That number again is 1-888-674-6854. You can also chat live with a USDA expert at ask.usda.gov.

Looking for some post-Thanksgiving fun? You may want to check out the Louisiana Renaissance Festival; now in its 23rd year. Festival CEO Alvon Brumfield says it’s a celebration and re-creation of European culture of the Middle Ages, and loaded with fun and entertainment…:
Cut 12 (12) “…shows that go every day.”
The L.R.F. is located just minutes off I-12 near Hammond. It’s open tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday…and the first two weekends in December.