12:30 LRN Newscast Nov 24

Volunteers picking up litter at a busy I-10 interchange in Baton Rouge discovered a loaded gun lying on the roadside. The group Keep Tiger Town Beautiful turned the automatic pistol with extended clip and bullets over to local police, who’re checking to see if it was used in a crime.

Tomorrow is Black Friday and Jeff Palermo has the latest trends for one of the biggest shopping days of the year…:

CUT 01(32)      “…Palermo.”


The nonprofit Troops Direct is asking for help to provide critical supplies to American service members. Spokesman Aaron Negherbon (NEAR-BON) says due to the specialized nature of what they supply, they are asking for cash donations only.  He says their overhead is only about 9 to 10 percent of their overall budget.  There are four people on staff and one is a Marine Corps veteran…:

CUT 05(08)      “…possibly can.”

“TroopsDirect.org” if you’d like to help.

With holiday shopping in full swing, security professionals have a few tips on how to have a safe one when making online purchases. LSU Cybersecurity Expert Abe (BAH-gil-lee) Baggili says – first – use only actual credit cards and NOT your ATM debit card…:

CUT 09(08)      “…as you’re shopping.”

He says avoid using public wi-fi when shopping and never shop at an unsecured website.