7:30 LRN Newscast

It’s Thanksgiving Day, a day to eat and be with family and friends. For many people, tomorrow is a day to shop. Jill Gonzales with the personal finance website, Wallethub-dot-com, says if you’re looking for great deals to buy a new computer or phone, Black Friday usually doesn’t provide a great value…
cut 7 (12) “…shop for”
This unfortunately is also the time of year for thieves to take advantage of shoppers by trying to steal their identity or credit card information. LSU Cybersecurity Expert Abe Baggili (BAH-gil-lee) says be sure to check credit card statements, especially if you are making online purchases…
cut 11 (10) “…a message”
Baggili says when shopping at a store in person, use your phone to make purchases so your card number is not revealed.

During the holiday season, there are thousands of American troops serving our country across the globe. There’s an organization called Troops Direct that supplies critical supplies to U-S service members. Troops Direct CEO Aaron Negherbon says they do not supply care packages, instead they deliver medical kits, GPS units, sleeping bags, helmets and even K-9 care kits…
cut 4 (11) “…government”
To make a cash donation go to Troops-direct-dot-org.

The Louisiana Renaissance Festival in Hammond has been up and running. visitors can see live jousting, a birds of prey exhibit, play games of skill, enjoy many delicious foods and shop dozens of vendors selling hand-made works. Festival CEO Alvon Brumfield says this year’s festival has been a terrific success…:
Cut 13 (07) “…time you get here.”
To purchase tickets go to l-a-r-f-2022-dot-org. They will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend and the next two weekends after.