9:30 LRN Newscast

Governor John Bel Edwards is on his way to London as he’s leading a delegation of business and state leaders on an economic development mission. Edwards is scheduled to talk with Lloyd’s of London tomorrow to discuss the state’s insurance crisis and on Friday he’ll meet with energy companies…
cut 15 (11) “…Sabine Pass”
The trip will include with the Saints game against the Vikings in London.

Two out of every five adults in adults in Louisiana are considered obese, CEO of Trust for America’s Health, Nadine Gracia (Gar-see-ah) says the adult obesity rate in the Bayou State is 39 percent and to address the crisis we have to look at a system of base solutions…
Cut 23 (08) “…physical activity.”
Louisiana is among 19 with an adult obesity rate over 35-percent.

Tomorrow night there will be a candlelight vigil on LSU’s campus for Allie Rice, the LSU student gunned down in her vehicle near a train crossing in Baton Rouge on September 16th. Also, Walk-On’s in Gonzales is hosting a fundraiser for funeral expenses on October sixth. Allie’s aunt and godmother Susie Rice says the community is showing their love and appreciation for Allie and her family…
cut 11 (05) “…it’s tremendous”

Now that a federal judge has ruled the state can move violent juvenile offenders from the Bridge City Center for the Youth to Angola when will it happen. Marrero Senator Patrick Connick says inmate transfers are usually not for public knowledge – especially for juveniles. However, he says the plan is proceeding…:
Cut 6 (13) “…get rehabilitated.”
The Bridge City Youth Center has seen over two-dozen detainees escape incidents since April 2021.