09:30 LRN Newscast August 13

Problems at Children & Family Services? East Baton Rouge Parish D.A. Hillar Moore is scheduling meetings with officials at DCFS after two recent incidents. In one, a 2-year-old died after eating his mother’s illegal drugs; his THIRD drug overdose. In another, children placed in DCFS foster care were reportedly sexually abuse by their foster father. Angry citizens ask “who is protecting the children?” At least one state lawmakers has called for Marketa Walters, the head of DCFS, to resign.

The coroner in St. Tammany Parish, once again, alerts everyone to the dangers of taking pain pills bought on the black market. Dr. Charles Preston says they may look like simple Percocet, Adderall or something else, but often are 100-percent fentanyl…:

CUT 07  (10)        “…in our community.”


Louisiana’s on-again-off-again abortion ban law is on again, and this time it may stick. The state Supreme Court Friday rejected an appeal by abortion rights activists seeking to keep clinics open. Lawyers for the plaintiffs say they are disappointed, but they’ll keep trying to reverse the law. Abortion clinics in Louisiana must not close and remain closed.

A Washington Parish judge has denied a lawsuit by Washington parish Sheriff Randy Seal to collect alleged unpaid taxes from a Mount Herman cattleman, who sells cuts of beef direct to customers from his farm. Seal wanted rancher Jason Smith to cough up about $40-k. The judge ruled state tax law clearly states “farm products and produce” sold directly are tax exempt. State Ag Commissioner Mike Strain says score one for farmers statewide…:

CUT 04  (13)        “…judgement was made.”

Smith is relieved, as are hundreds of Louisiana farmers who also sell their wares direct.